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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 7 Recap

Quan Xizheng came to the guesthouse alone. After checking in, he asked the bosswhich room Park Qicai lived in, and learned that Park Qicai had not come at all. Quan Xi was anxious, so he hurried out and called for a taxi. He first asked for the driver’s business card and gave it to the boss, telling her that if Park Qicai came, she asked her to call herself, and then went out with the taxi driver to find her. . After searching for a day, Quan Xizheng ran to many hotels, but could not find her. The taxi driver saw that he was searching for a day but did not find her, and persuaded him to go to the police station to call the police.

The two hurriedly got in the car to go to the police station. When passing a square, they accidentally caught a glimpse of Park Qicai who was sleeping on the ground. Quan Xi rushed out of the car and called her up. Seeing Quan Xizheng’s arrival, Park Qicai cried so badly that she had met a driver who had detoured, and it took a long time to get here. She didn’t know that Quan Xizheng would definitely find him.

Quan Xizheng finally let go of his hanging heart, and returned to the hotel with Park Qicai. Unexpectedly, all the hotel rooms were booked, only his own room was left, and the two had to come to the same room together. Because Park Qicai was too tired from walking, she lay on the bed and fell asleep without taking a shower. Quan Xi was helpless when she saw her asleep, but patiently helped her take off her shoes and fell asleep on the sofa.

Cha Yunxian came to the Pu’s candy store early in the morning and said that he happened to be passing by to buy candy. Seeing that Park Qicai was not there, he asked Park Jae-Jak why Park Qicai was not there, and then learned that Park Qicai had gone to travel. Park Qicai woke up early in the morning, turned over Quan Xizheng’s clothes in a mess, took his clothes and prepared to take a bath. Quanxi was waking up to see the mess, thinking that a thief had entered the house. Park Jae-yu and Lin Yi came to the candy house for tuition. Park Jae-joe knew the space for two people, and found an excuse to go out. Seeing Park Qicai wearing clothes that didn’t fit her, Quan Xizheng decisively took Park Qicai to buy new clothes and was going to take her to see the sunrise.

After shopping for the clothes, Park Qicai was strolling along the ancient town. She accidentally saw a pair of special bracelets. She asked the boss how to sell them. The boss said that every item in his store is clearly marked with a price, except for the counterparty chain, because the counterparty chain has to wait for its destined to come before it can be taken away. Park Qicai looked at the musical characters on the bracelet and expressed her own opinions, which made the boss very satisfied, saying that she was the destined person for this bracelet.

Park Qicai took out the only dollar he had and bought this opponent chain. Afterwards, the two people took the cable car to the top of the mountain to watch the sunset. Seeing the beauty of the mountains, Park Qicai was very happy, as happy as a child. Holding the opponent’s chain, Park Qicai wanted to take the opportunity to send one to Quan Xizheng, but never found a chance. On the way down the mountain, Park Qicai accidentally provoked a swarm of hornets. She was so scared that she ran away. Quan Hee was yelling not to run, and quickly took off her clothes, surrounded Park Qicai’s legs, and hugged her.

Holds her head. The hornet quickly flew away, but Quan Xizheng was stung. Park Qicai was distressed and went to find herbs for him to apply. In order to fix the herbs, the bracelet was put on Quan Xizheng’s hand. On the way home, Park Qicai said to Quan Hee-jung that in fact, she really likes the absence of internet these days, as if she had returned to the colorful life of her childhood. Quan Xi was afraid that Park Qicai would be lost again, so he sent her home directly. Because Park Qicai lost her luggage, she didn’t have the key to enter the house. He didn’t expect that none of her brothers would be home.

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