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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 10 Recap

Park Qicai heard that looking at someone she likes for more than 8 seconds will increase the probability that the other person will like her. She deliberately went to Quan Hee Jung to look at him, but shedidn’t expect Quan Hee Jung to ignore her at all. Park Qicai returned home and ran to ask Park Jae-jung, saying that he liked Quan Hee-jung so much, but he felt that he hated himself more and more. Park Jae-jung said that it is precisely because he cares too much about a person that he is so concerned about gains and losses.

And he also said that Park Qicai doesn’t have to read those inexplicable books, because those authors probably never experienced love at all. Park Qicai is crying and begging for Park Jae-jung, she must help herself. Park Zaizheng had no choice but to give her a USB flash drive, saying that it was all his usual source of creative inspiration. Park Qicai saw the movie inside and was so touched. Park Jae Jung told her that he must bring Kwon Hee Jung into the plot of the movie, so that he would naturally find the feeling.

Quan Xi was cleaning up at home when he suddenly sneezed. He was immediately alert that he would not be unlucky again today. Park Zaiyu came to a coffee shop to buy coffee. He accidentally saw Lin Yi’s senior brother and Kong Taotao drinking coffee together. He secretly hid in the corner and heard what they were talking about. I heard Kong Taotao ask him what is the relationship with Lin Yi. Senior Brother didn’t hesitate at all, saying that Lin Yi grew up with him.

She has always liked herself, and she didn’t like her at all. Kong Taotao said that if he really doesn’t like Lin Yi, don’t delay people’s time any more and let him speak clearly. During another tuition, Park Jae-yu asked Lin Yi if she had a date with her brother recently. Lin Yi was a little bit emotional when he heard what happened to the brother. Park Jae-woo didn’t say much, only that he felt boring to do tutoring at home, and asked her to go to the cafe next time for tuition, and wanted her to personally break the matter of brother.

Park Qicai once again came to Kwon Hee-jung’s way to school to block him, hoping to continue to stare at him for eight seconds, and bluntly told Cha Yun-hyun his thoughts . After the tuition was over, Lin Yi was about to leave, and Park Zaiyu deliberately said that he wanted to add another class today. Lin Yi said that he had other things, and Park Jaeyu was anxious for a while, looking at someone similar to the figure of the senior brother, he called out. Lin Yi learned that it turned out that Park Jaeyu’s purpose for coming here by herself was because of her brother, she seemed very angry.

Quan Xizheng was writing lyrics in the piano room by himself, when a female classmate suddenly came and said that he would ask him to look at her new lyrics for herself. Quan Xi was not good at rejecting her, so he agreed to help her read it. At this time, Park Qicai chased up and saw Quan Hee was instructing a female classmate, jealous, she walked in and asked him if this was what he said was something wrong with him.

Immediately, she took out a copy of her own words and asked Quan Hee to help herself to correct it. Quan Hee was telling her not to make trouble. Park Qi Cai was not happy. She said why other people can help with her own. Has become so unreasonable, isn’t it so annoying. Seeing Park Qicai rushed out, Quan Xi was worried, and chased after him. Sure enough, Park Qicai met a drunk person on the road.

Fortunately, Quan Hee arrived in time. Park Qicai kissed him as soon as he was moved. After returning home, Park Qicai was still a little worried about Quan Hee Jung’s injury and sent him a message. After receiving the news, Quan Hee responded to her in a short amount of time. Nevertheless, Park Qi Cai was very happy. Lin Yi asked his brother to come out and asked him what he was up to lately, and if there was something in his words, he asked if he was busy writing reports in the cafe.

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