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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 5 Recap

Pei Zhaohe’s sand holiday outfit just hit it right away. After a brief talk, they got acquainted and the two of them drank and had fun together. At this time, Su Ci changed into women’s clothing and dressed as a dancer to pick up the guests after arriving at Tianzifangsha. When Du’s guest room found that Pei Zhao was here, he put on a veil to help them dance. When Sha Du saw such a graceful beauty, he took Su Ci into his arms, and Pei Zhao couldn’t sit still and said.

Master Sha, no one, you can’t enjoy it alone, so he pulled Su Ci over. Su Ci took the opportunity to use Dong Rushuang’s drug to stun the two of them, thinking that you, a lustful dog, can’t change eating shit. I wanted to give it. Pei Zhao punched, but he still couldn’t bear to start looking for Shadu. He walked to Shadu and opened the box. He found that there was a hidden compartment at the bottom of the box with the ledger inside.

Pei Zhao who had just taken it behind his hand snatched it away. Su Ci hurriedly grabbed the account book. The sound of the two men’s hands alarmed the guards outside the house, and Su Ci ran away. As soon as Su Ci arrived home, someone came to report that Shadu was dead. Su Ci came to the scene to check. Su Ci discovered that Shadu’s death was caused by poisoning. The murderer was on the scene and the murder weapon was a silver needle.

The proprietress of the shop used her pipe to blow out a silver needle and pierced Su Ci. Pei Zhao quickly pushed Su Ci away. The proprietress was about to escape and was grabbed by Xie Beiming. The proprietress shouted poison and swallowed herself. Su Ci went to Shadu’s room to search for the ledger, and went directly to the bottom of the box to look at it. Pei Zhao curiously asked Su Ci that you are so familiar with the secret compartment of the box? Su Ci explained that there are only a few hidden grids in the world.

I have seen the way of nature. Pei Zhao recalled that a dancer who came yesterday was also very interested in this hidden grid, but the dancer looked good, and Shadu was also specially Asked the dancer to perform a dance for him, Xie Beiming said that this Shadu was so lustful that he died in the hands of a woman. Su Ci found rosin powder on the soles of a pair of shoes at the scene. At this time, a maid came and said that what she found was not a clue. Their boss had a good friend. This man came and went without a trace, and there was a square mark on his body.

The maid gave her After drawing it, Xie Beiming said that this looks like a mark on the death row prisoner. Pei Zhao gave Shadu’s account book and an arrow to his subordinates, and asked him to give these to Zhenyuanhou together, and to investigate the life experience of Su Ci. Su Ci came to Pei Zhao’s residence and wanted to secretly search for the ledger, but Pei Zhao found out that Su Ci was visiting secretly. Pei Zhao pretended to ask Su Ci if he was sleepwalking, why did he run into someone else’s room late at night? Or did you ask Pei Zhao to discuss the case?

Su Ci had to pretend to comply with Pei Zhao’s words and said that he came to Pei Zhao to discuss the case. Pei Zhao asked Su Ci, are you also interested in that dancer? Su Ci said that I was the dancer. Because Sha Du was lustful, she dressed up as a dancer and approached Sha Du. Pei Zhao said that he also approached Sha on purpose. Su Ci told Pei Zhao that the relief silver must still be here, because she found that Sandu’s shoes had dry soil and rosin powder.

Pei Zhao thought about the place where the silver should be stored in the northeast of the county, where the dry climate is best. Hidden silver. Pei Zhao led a group to a thatched house in the northeast of the county seat and found that all the relief silver was hidden here. The group of people toasted to each other to find the official silver for a banquet. Su Ci was overwhelmed and wanted to use water instead of wine.

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