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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 9 Recap

Du Mingshan disregarded Gao Tianshuo’s opposition to open a party, Luo Yuefang promised Gao Tianshuo let him experience.

Gao Tianshuo took out the building property regulations to stop Du Mingshan. The two quarreled. Du Mingshan decided to ignore Gao Tianshuo’s objection and must have a barbecue party with the sisters at home. Assistant A Sam and Tao Tiantian looked at each other, and they spent an unforgettable night together. Early the next morning, A Sam went to send Tao Tiantian home and bought breakfast specially for her mother. Tao Tiantian felt very happy. A Sam asked her if she could go on a trip together next time. Tao Tiantian readily agreed. As soon as the people were separated, A Sam received a call from a woman and happily went to the appointment.

Luo Danfang prepared a lot of ingredients for the party and asked Xu Kaiyu to help her deliver them. Luo Yuefang asked him about his progress with Li Meiqi. Xu Kaiyu said that she had been calling Luo Danfang when he was dating Li Meiqi, so the progress between the two was not very fast. When A Sam returned home, he saw Gao Tianshuo busy writing special articles, but he couldn’t concentrate because of the noise outside. He asked A Sam to call the building management committee to complain, but A Sam asked him to bear with him and maintain a good neighbor. image of. A Sam asked Gao Tianshuo to go to the party, saying that there might be unexpected affair and surprise. Gao Tianshuo asked him to dispel this idea, but A Sam told him it was too late.

During the team, Xu Kaiyu drank a little, and suddenly danced with excitement. Everyone looked at him in surprise. At this time, Liao Qianman saw Gao Tianshuo and A Sam, so he invited them to the party together, but Du Mingshan stepped forward to stop him. Liao Qianman said that Gao Tianshuo disdain to join them. A Sam pushed Gao Tianshuo out. Gao Tianshuo was forced to attend the party and drank alcohol. Luo Danfang was still angry at her brother for not letting Li Meiqi go to work.

Li Meiqi persuaded her to reconcile with Luo Yuefang and she could find another job. Don’t hurt the feelings between the brothers and sisters because of this. The sisters also persuaded them, but Luo Danfang still didn’t understand. Gao Tianshuo interrupted and said that Luo Yuefang must have his own reasons.

Luo Yuefang organized a meeting for the employees and was going to improve the corporate image. He thought of Gao Tianshuo, so he called them and called Gao Tianshuo and A Sam to the office to discuss with them the intention and method of cooperation. Gao Tianshuo has his own ideas. He did not yield to Luo Yuefang. Gao Tianshuo asked Luo Yuefang’s bodyguard to evade, and then brought up the sisters’ argument that Luo Yuefang did not let Li Meiqi come to work. Gao Tianshuo bluntly said that the reason Luo Yuefang did not let Li Meiqi come to work is because if he gets closer to Li Meiqi, he will find that he will come The more he fell in love with her, but he couldn’t love her, so he would be particularly contradictory.

Luo Yuefang did not answer Gao Tianshuo’s question directly, but asked him how long he needed to experience. Gao Tianshuo said that if necessary, ten days and twenty days would be fine. Luo Yuefang directly gave him a month. A Sam persuaded him not to stay too long, but Gao Tianshuo was determined to experience it in depth. Luo Yuefang guessed that Gao Tianshuo was ten pages, because when he introduced himself, he deliberately said the word in his name, and it was Shiheye after the words were separated.

The sisters chatted together. Jing Fan saw Tao Tiantian sitting in a daze, so she pulled her over. Tao Tiantian did not hide the one-night stand with A Sam. The sisters were a little worried and asked her if the other party just wanted to have sex with him. , Did not really want to talk to her about friends, Tao Tiantian said, let him see how good he is.

Gao Tianshuo and A Sam were followed by someone from a media company. After they recorded their videos and posted them on the Internet, they were surrounded by a group of media people as soon as they left the house the next day, asking them who the ten pages were. At this time, Du Mingshan Going out to see this scene, Gao Tianshuo didn’t know how to answer when he saw it.

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