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My strange friend S2 我的奇怪朋友第二季 Episode 2 Recap

Ah Fu’s misunderstanding is deeper, Wei Yichen gives wine an apology.

Xu Dawei and Shen Jun plan to exchange the video of Ah Fu’s out-of-control with San Ye for money, and observe the reagents in their hands. After Ah Fu recovered, Xu Dawei and Shen Jun showed him the video of Ah Fu’s loss of control and told him that Nan Ruoyi did not regard him as a human being at all, deepening the hatred between them…

After that, Xu Dawei and Shen Jun gave the video to San Ye, thinking that they would arouse San Ye’s interest and earn a lot of money. As a result, San Ye slammed his mobile phone and made it clear that he only wanted people and was not interested in it. The deflated Xu Dawei and Shen Jun discussed how to bring Wei Yichen to the third master, so they began to persuade Ah Fu to take the power of the third master to remove Wei Yichen and the others. Ah Fu felt too cruel, so they mentioned Nan Ruo. Once he made up his mind

Nan Ruoyi accused Wei Yichen of being mysteriously silent, while Duan Muhao was still lying in the hospital. Wei Yichen inferred that the person who caused Ah Fu out of control was the one who stole the notebook. Facing Ah Fu’s mutation, Wei Yichen was very suspicious. It might have something to do with the broken pages stolen by a mysterious person, so he started to study the real broken pages.

As soon as Nan Ruo saw the broken pages of the notebook in front of him, Wei Yichen said that because he knew someone would steal the broken pages, he made it in advance. False, not telling them the truth is to plan a higher success rate. Nan Ruoyi thinks that they have gone through so much with Wei Yichen, and they don’t even have the power to know the truth. Is it so worthy of Wei Yichen’s trust? They are friends. Nan Ruo asked Wei Yichen how many things were hiding from them. Wei Yichen wanted to find Ah Fu to solve the mystery, ignoring Nan Ruoyi’s mood.

Nan Ruo told Duanmuhao about the broken page, Duanmuhao played darts to vent his anger, and complained that life became bad after meeting Wei Yichen. At this moment, Wei Yichen came, and he who expressed his feelings stupidly realized that he always troubled them and did not know how to give them an apology. As a result, his aunt agreed to buy wine, but Duan Muhao refused to buy the wine, saying the wine It was terrible, Wei Yichen sincerely apologized, offered to drink, and then became drunk.

Nan Ruoyi and Duan Muhao seemed to forgive Wei Yichen and helped him sober up. After he woke up, they received a message saying that Ah Fu was dangerous. Duan Muhao said that A Fu was already a member of the Third Master. He firmly believed that it was a trap. Wei Yichen explained that A Fu was actually not bad in nature, but was just used. And the real goal of the Third Master was himself, he still planned to go. , Duanmuhao and Nan Ruo will follow along if they are worried.

At night, Wei Yichen, Duan Muhao and Nan Ruoyi came to the pier. San Ye said that Fu was his person and asked them to compete. The few looked at each other and the atmosphere was particularly dignified. Duan Muhao explained that they had rescued him before. Fu insisted that Wei Yichen and them did the experiment. Duan Muhao was so angry that he could only scold Ah Fu as stupid and had no brains… San Ye couldn’t see them talking there, so Ah Fu became invisible and started to do it.

It was just the scene with the video that Xu Dawei recorded before. It was different. Xu Dawei admitted that they only added special effects, and Nan Ruoyi was really good, but San Ye seemed to have lost his patience and stopped the fight. San Ye said they were here to solve the problem and arranged 50 people for the four of them to solve it themselves. The four of them ran away on the pier separately, escaping in the narrow alleys where the containers were piled up…

Nan Ruo was accidentally surrounded, she began to use super powers, but the shields of the people in black were all discharged, and the fight was very laborious, and she fell over using her abilities. Wei Yichen also fought here. Ah Fu is probably the most difficult person to be caught, because he will be invisible. He saw the two of Xu Dawei who were caught, so he came in hiding to save them.

It was really a mistake to treat the enemy as teammates. The interesting thing is to protect himself, Shen Junhe Xu Dawei gave the stolen reagent to Ah Fu and asked him to use it when he was in danger. They planned to steal the car and escape, leaving Ah Fu alone to deal with the caboose. Ah Fu looked disappointed in the direction the car was leaving, and remembered Past. Duan Muhao hiding in the box was exposed because of his clothes.

Nan Ruoyi, Duanmuhao, and Wei Yichen were finally caught…

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