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My strange friend S2 我的奇怪朋友第二季 Episode 1 Recap

Wei Yi Chen and the South if a, into a tea shop with Duanmu Hao, Wei Yi Chen ordered a cup of pearl milk tea, Xi Yue suddenly came in and said to Wei Yi Chen where you go to where I am now, she felt Wei Yichen kidnapped Jiang Liren and decided to follow him until he released Jiang Liren. Nan Ruoyi asked if there was any misunderstanding, he thought Wei Yichen was not such a person. Le Xi denied Ruoyi’s conjecture and still followed Wei Yichen.

Duan Muhao asked to follow him 24 hours a day, and Le Xi said that he would not only follow him 24 hours a day, but he was also planning to live in his house and follow the toilet. Ruoyi asked why staying in his house in surprise. Le Xi said you were worried about me or minded that I lived in his house. Ruoyi answered that he didn’t mind, but he said he did, of course, but Lexi said he just wanted to find Brother Ren as soon as possible.

Duan Muhao was on the phone with Ruoyi, and was beaten by the invisible Afu from behind. Xu Dawei and Shen Jun filmed the video while still talking about the situation in a daze. Back to KTV, the two discussed adding special effects to make the effect cooler. Shen Jun felt that it would be finished to hand over Duanmuhao, Xu Dawei felt that as long as they did not hand over Wei Yichen and the others, San Ye would continue to give them money.

Duan Muhao was tied to a chair in the basement. The rope is a bit thin, but the details of the tied are worth learning. The graffiti on the wall mocks what happened here. When he woke up, he guessed that Ah Fu tied him and scolded him. After receiving Ah Fu, he stupidly asked if anyone.

The four apples on the table were engraved with the year of the tortoise and the bird’s birthday. Xu Dawei and the others came to Sanye with a video. Sanye asked why they didn’t bring it back. Dawei and the others said they wanted to pay, and Sanye told them what they had done before. People, nothing happened, the end was miserable, and he said he would give money.

Wei Yichen was reading a book on the lounge chair in the corridor. Nan Ruo ran over and said that Duanmuhao hadn’t come to class for several days, didn’t answer the phone, and guessed whether it was Ah Fu. Ah Fu just came over and told Dawei and Shen Jun not to fight Duan Muhao’s idea, he made his own arrangements. Nan Ruoyi stopped and asked him where Duan Muhao was. It seemed that A Fu would be guessed if he did something bad, too much. Ah Fu took them to the basement. Nan Ruo was very anxious when he saw Duan Muhao’s appearance.

Duan Muhao saw them and said stubbornly that he could go out, but he didn’t want to go out. Ah Fu laughed at him for only one day, and now he knows how he feels (Isn’t it because I haven’t been in class for several days, why is it closed for a day, and where is the wave for a few days)? As soon as Nan Ruo slapped Ah Fu, Ah Fu was very angry. At that time, he was imprisoned for three days. Nan Ruoyi didn’t hit Duan Muhao, but now he treated him like this, and his heart died in an instant. Duan Muhao was very depressed.

He had to pay Ah Fu for three days. Nan Ruoyi brought him food and he refused to eat it. Wei Yichen felt that it was superpowers that disrupted their lives. Nan Ruoyi’s superpowers only magnified their shortcomings and did not disrupt their lives. , Duan Muhao is a child with a temperament, Ah Fu has a weak personality and a stubborn heart. They couldn’t get along in peace. Wei Yichen asked her what her shortcomings were. Nan Ruoyi said that she was unkind, independent, and independent, but said she could understand it.

Duan Muhao really stayed in the warehouse for three days. Ah Fu felt that Nan Ruoyi’s dislike of him had nothing to do with money or power. Shen Jun and Dawei pretended to be drunk and ran out, leaving Ah Fu to drink alone. On the way back, Ah Fu was taken away by a mysterious person. Duan Muhao saw A Fu being arrested and walking into the laboratory. Ah Fu was injected with a reagent by a mysterious person, and then Ah Fu began to twitch and roll his eyes. Duan Muhao and Wei Yichen Nan Ruoyi went to save Ah Fu together. Ah Fu’s veins swelled and his eyes were congested. There was a feeling that the coffin board could not be covered, and he turned into a zombie. He fisted the mysterious man who gave him copper sulfate solution (it is said that he took the notebook).

Wei Yichen and the three He came and fought with the zombie Ah Fu, but neither was his opponent. Ah Fu pinched Nan Ruoyi’s neck. Nan Ruoyi’s tears made him awake for a while, and Wei Yichen took the opportunity to stun Ah Fu. Wei Yichen discovered the reagent and felt that it was because someone gave him an injection. Xu Dawei and Shen Jun couldn’t find Ah Fu to find here, and they looked at these things in their eyes. As soon as Wei Yichen and Nan Ruo went to look for an exit, they knocked out Duan Muhao who was left behind, and woke A Fu, saying that Wei Yichen brought him over for the experiment and injected him with medicine. When the three people left here, Xu Dawei also took the medicine

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