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My strange friend S1 我的奇怪朋友第一季 Episode 12 End Recap

Afu cooperated with Sanye and Liren was kidnapped

Le Xi returned to the studio and heard Li Ren’s call outside the door, and went in to explain to him. Although he said that he believed in a Le Xi, he had already sent someone to investigate Wei Yichen ’s information. Here, Le Xi saw a piece of paper that had been burned, with the three characters Wei Yichen remaining… Sure enough, Liren planned to attack Wei Yichen. He found the infirmary where Duanmuhao was located and used Duanmuhao to talk to Nan Ruo. When she threatened Wei Yichen, and Le Xi dared to be busy, she called Nan Ruoyi to ask about Weichen’s situation, but what she didn’t know was that her every move was being monitored…

Liren confessed that she planned to kidnap Wei. Yichen just got out of the car, but he was kidnapped by others. Wei Yichen found it and followed Le Xi’s attendant, so he used mind-reading to inquire about the whereabouts of the notebook, but still to no avail, but learned that the mysterious man was riding his car, and his car was caught two days ago. The mysterious man stole it and found it only recently. Le Xi also received a call that her boyfriend had been abducted, but their people suspected that Wei Yichen did it all.

Ah Fu was walking in the alley when two people suddenly appeared to put Ah Fu in sacks and beat him up. They also said that Duanmuhao should not be provoked and made him think that Duanmuhao sent someone to beat him. To provoke the relationship between them, these two people were found by Dawei. Ah Fu confessed to Dawei that he would not let Duanmuhao be spared.

The unruly two Dawei began to add fuel and jealousy, constantly turning the topic to San Ye, implying that if he took refuge in San Ye, the result would not be. It was the same, but Ah Fu was still a little bit resistant in his heart, and refused directly, so the two began to encourage Ah Fu to participate in the prom to confess to Nan Ruo.

In the hospital, Nan Ruoyi prepared food for Duanmuhao, and asked who had beaten him. Duan Muhao refused to say because of the face problem, he hurriedly changed the subject and said that they could go to the school dance party.

While riding a motorcycle, Wei Yichen met the screaming eagle that a mysterious man rode before. He followed all the way to the school dance. Le Xi also ran in, found Wei Yichen and pulled Wei Chen aside, mistakenly thinking Wei Yichen came from the tax bureau to check their company’s account books, so he handed it over to Wei Yichen, but Wei Yichen said that he was not looking for an account book. Lexi asked what he wanted? Wei Yichen left without looking back. At the ball, everyone came here, Ah Fu watched Duanmu Haola walk away from Nan Ruoyi, Dawei and the two began to encourage him to challenge Duanmu Hao.

Ah Fu found Duan Muhao and planned to attack him, but Nan Ruoyi stopped him. After the arrangement of two people, Nan Ruoyi was rated as the most beautiful person at the dance party. Not only that, but also mentioned Duanmuhao and Ah Fu, in order to give Nan Ruo a couple CP, whoever screams the loudest can do it. Both Wei Yichen and Duanmuhao had voices, but Ah Fu was silent at the scene, and Ah Fu, who felt the humiliation, left the scene. Through the arrangement of Dawei and Wei Yichen, the gap between Ah Fu and Wei Yichen is getting deeper and deeper. The next day, Dawei and Dawei initiated a missing person notice because they could not find Ah Fu. Just when they posted the missing person notice, they suddenly came and a van beat them up and took them.

After leaving, it turned out that it was San Ye’s people. Let them go. If they can’t bring Ah Fu in two days, they will be finished. In fact, Ah Fu didn’t go there because he was depressed after the incident. He kept shutting himself in the house. Ah Fu came out and found the missing person notice posted by Dawei. He was deeply moved and felt that there were only Dawei. I really care about him, and on Dawei’s suggestion, Ah Fu decides to see San Ye. Dawei took Ah Fu to see San Ye, Ah Fu agreed and cooperated with San Ye…

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