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My strange friend S1 我的奇怪朋友第一季 Episode 9 Recap

Ah Fu, who had stopped the bleeding, came out to find Nan Ruoyi the first time , expressing his concern that Nan Ruoyi hadn’t released his superpowers and would not be able to punch well. And Duan Muhao , because Ah Fu likes Nan Ruoyi, so he is hostile to him. He said that the car broke down and asked Ah Fu to push the cart. Then he threw Ah Fu away, regardless of his mobile wallet. All in the car, there was no way to go back, so I had to squat by the side of the road, asking for help from passers-by… Duan Muhao found Ah Fu’s phone through the rearview mirror.

The next day Ah Fu ran out of water and never hit the car back. He could only pick up food from the roadside. Because he was afraid of shame, Ah Fu had to hide by the road. Ah Fu had no trouble, and finally walked back by himself. The school happened to be seen by Nan Ruoyi, and Ruoyi took some things for Ah Fu to eat.

A mysterious man came to Wei Yichen ’s study, rummaged around and stole the things in the iron box. It turned out that the mysterious man took away the broken pages of the notebook. Wei Yichen began to analyze the car. Looking for mysterious people. Wei Yichen told Nan Ruoyi and Duan Muhao about the mysterious person stealing the broken pages, and analyzed that the person who stole the paper and the notebook should be the same person, so through the car that the mysterious person rode, Duan Muhao asked Duan Muhao to inquire. Because this car is rarely seen on the market.

At the same time, Wei Yichen himself started to act, specifically to inquire about the screaming eagle in the store, and ask people who had been modified here before. The store owner was silent, and Wei Yichen had to use mind-reading to understand…Through the gossip, Duan Muhao learned that an internal meeting of the motorcycle shop was held at a certain entertainment venue.

To facilitate the investigation, Wei Yichen and Duanmuhao came here. Duanmuhao disguised as a waiter and Wei Yichen as an employee. Coincidentally, the previous locomotive girl was also there, and she happened to be friends with Nan Ruoyi. The clerk took out the photo of the suspicious person and said that someone had come in. The girl on the motorcycle saw Wei Yichen who crashed her car. Nan Ruoyi explained that this was his friend. They probably had a misunderstanding before. He also told her that she liked Wei Yichen’s thing before and praised the motorcycle girl Le Xi as a dashing person and said that she also Want to ride a motorcycle.

So the locomotive girl took Nan Ruoyi to shunt the car. After the locomotive girl Lexi brought Nan Ruo to the monitoring room, Duanmuhao unexpectedly appeared in the monitoring screen and made a series of sneaky behaviors. Just when Duanmuhao was about to move the safe, Lexi couldn’t help running away. Go out, take the initiative to open the safe, take out the ledger and tell them that there is nothing they are looking for.

Lexi’s boyfriend’s men also called and told the man that the man seemed to have doubts about Lexi… After the safe case, the three of them began to discuss, intending to let Ah Fu go to the laptop in secret, but Ah Fu, no Be careful to be locked in the car dealership by Duanmuhao. It turned out that Ah Fu had been invisible by his side when he sneaked into the office. Duanmu Haoxian Fu was too annoying, so he locked Ah Fu in a room, and then he Forgot to unlock when leaving.

The paranormal researcher found the third master and wanted to take the remaining money, and the third master threatened them. Then the three of them would leave the world forever. The paranormal researcher was afraid to leave China and disappeared. …

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