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My strange friend S1 我的奇怪朋友第一季 Episode 11 Recap

The car race started, Wei Yichen also came to the scene, Le Xi pulled him aside and prevented him from participating in the race, thinking he would leave. Then the race started. Unexpectedly, Wei Yichen would still get in, so Le Xi grabbed one of them’s motorcycle and chased it up. On the track, Wei Yichen and Lexi’s boyfriend Liren were equal in strength. They rode to the side of the grass and stopped. Liren got out of the car and fought with Wei Yichen. Liren was defeated and knocked to the ground. Wei Yi Morning use mind reading to ask about the whereabouts of the notebook.

As a result, Liren didn’t seem to be the mysterious person who stole things, so Wei Yichen rode away immediately. The photo of Wei Yichen who went to participate in the competition was taken by others, and San Ye learned that it seemed to have caused a new misunderstanding. San Ye, a few friends came to find San Ye to ask about Jiang Doudou’s situation.

Although he was expressing concern about Jiang Doudou, he actually came to San Ye for the sake of business conditions. When it comes to the company’s current situation, the situation is not optimistic. I hope that Sanye can manage the company well, and Sanye is only focused on avenging his son. Dawei and Dawei find Sanye, take out the video of Ah Fu, and tell Sanye, Wei Yichen , Nan Ruoyi and Duanmuhao have superpowers. After the two Dawei got the money, they began to use Afu to deal with Duanmuhao. Duanmuhao was deceived to a place, Dawei and Dawei began to provoke them.

Duanmuhao first persuaded him, he refused to listen, and then began to laugh at Ah Fu, regardless of who really regarded him as a brother. He planned to stop and leave. The two Dawei men mentioned Nan Ruoyi and Nan Ruoyi, which became the fuse. Duan Muhao said that Ah Fu is not worthy of having Nan Ruoyi. How could Ah Fu, who was already sensitive in his heart, able to withstand such a stimulus, so he used super powers, and Duan Muhao was injured by him…

Wei Yichen started a new analysis again, and the previous clues were broken. At this moment, Le Xi took a stick to Wei Yichen’s home and asked why Wei Yichen kept asking them trouble. As a result, Liren’s little attendant also followed, and called Liren outside the door. The conversation inside was heard by Liren. The sound of Wei Yichen fighting with Lexi sounded a serious misunderstanding. Coupled with the bad explanations from his staff, Li Ren began to doubt…

After becoming a gangster, Ah Fu followed Dawei and his group to the city of never-night-KTV, and used super powers to scare the eldest sister to cheat money. After getting the benefits, the two people began to swell and constantly instill some unhealthy thoughts in Ah Fu, and Ah Fu seemed to I also got deeper and deeper. They spent the whole day drinking, eating, drinking, and gambling. Just in the KTV, the two began to plan to introduce a person to Ah Fu, and Ah Fu cried and only liked Nan Ruoyi, so the two began to give Ah Fu. Fu came up with bad ideas and talked about various romantic plans.

Unexpectedly, Ah Fu refused. Then he began to complain about Duanmuhao. After drinking, he told the truth. The silly Ah Fu gave Duanmuhao the ability to predict the future, and Nan Ruoyi had the current. Ability and Wei Yichen can read minds. The two who knew these secrets were surprised. They originally planned to send Ayun Fangqian to San Ye. Later, they thought that A Fu could use him to make money by their side for three years. I just want to avenge his son. It won’t necessarily benefit them…

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