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My strange friend S1 我的奇怪朋友第一季 Episode 10 Recap

The Duanmu Hao injured Fu rescued at that moment, had something to eat and went chasing pack Duanmu Hao. And Lexi felt puzzled that the surveillance showed that no one entered, why is Ah Fu inside? Nan Ruoyi felt that the explanation was complicated and did not tell her the real reason. Le Xi said that he believed her. Ah Fu was very sad. Sitting outside, Nan Ruo always apologized to him. Ah Fu said that they would only look for him when they needed him. He felt very sad and said that he would not help them again or make friends. Superpower.

The two arrogant and domineering Dawei also got beaten up one day. A few gangsters forced the two of them into the trash can, and they said they should stay in the trash can. Ah Fu just passed a few hooligans, and the two people in the trash bin asked Ah Fu for help and said that if Ah Fu didn’t save them, it would be like Ah Fu before, asking for help from others without paying attention to him, Ah Fu. Fu thought of being bullied by Duanmuhao and others. So they rescued two people, took them to find the little gangster just now, and the gangster taunted Ah Fu face to face. Ah Fu used his superpowers, and the singing kept lingering in the ears of the hooligans.

The three hooligans began to hurt each other, and the other two people who were surprised by the side recorded all this with their mobile phones. When several hooligans were subdued Ah Fu appeared, and his body became weak due to the use of his abilities for too long, so he was taken away by these two men… Since Ah Fu used super powers to clean up the gangsters, the two Dawei immediately called A Fu to The eldest brother said that it was his own fault that he was bullied before, and Dawei and Dawei were originally gangsters, and began to encourage Ah Fu to become the eldest brother by virtue of his superpowers. In short, let him be a gangster. .

At first, Ah Fu didn’t believe in Dawei’s rhetoric. Various rainbows praised Ah Fu, saying that he was a superhero. Because of his previous experience of being bullied, Ah Fu lost his mind when he could become a big brother. Believing the words of the two Dawei, they began to pick things up. The first person they found was a big sister who loves gambling. Ah Fu used his super powers at the mahjong table to keep Dawei winning… The second one I found was the second sister’s ear, who believed in Fengshui. Ah Fu became invisible and began to pretend to be a ghost to scare the second sister. They asked the second sister to give him money every month, and they would help him drive away ghosts…

Wei Yichen quietly sneaked into the work place of the mysterious man. By accident, Le Xi was mistaken for her boyfriend. Wei Yichen’s hands were locked. She was dressed in sexy Le Xi and started the show. Wei Yichen spoke, and Le Xi was shocked. He was not her boyfriend. . Asked why Wei Yichen kept pestering her. At this moment, Le Xi’s boyfriend came back. Wei Yichen said that he was here to find her boyfriend and didn’t want to leave. Lexi had to force her to death, and Wei Yichen left the window.

Duan Muhao finds Nan Ruoyi and tells Nan Ruoyi that Fuli uses invisibility to deceive people to collect protection fees. Lie to the second sister, Ah Fu, who was planning to leave, happened to be found by Nan Ruoyi and Duan Muhao. Ah Fu became rusty with them because of the previous incident, and Ren Nan Ruoyi could not listen to what they said. Ah Fu said that he would not disturb them, and he did not want them to disturb himself…

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