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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 3 Recap

Su Ci returned home and was taking a shower. Pei Zhao came in to give Su Ci a Chinese traditional Chinese herbal medicine. As soon as he walked in, Su Ci hurriedly told Pei Zhao to go out. This surprised Pei Zhao. What’s so scary about everyone being a man? But Pei Zhao recalled that they seemed like women when they fell into the pit. At this time, taking a bath seemed to be deliberately avoiding me. Pei Zhao felt that Su Ci had something to hide.

At this time, the county magistrate brought officers and soldiers to their door and said that someone reported you hijacking food from wealthy merchants, and the evidence was conclusive. Those who dared to resist were executed on the spot. Su Ci said that you would dare to do something against the people of the Der Spiegel Department? The county magistrate said that I have never received an official document from Der Spiegel to send someone to investigate the case. You took a fake token to pretend to be the imperial official to fool the official, and the crime is punishable.

At this time, Pei Zhao dared to come to a group of soldiers to surround the county magistrate, who had no choice but to submit. Back to the county office, Su Ci took the evidence ship board to the county magistrate and said that you dare to exchange the disaster relief silver by stealing the sky. The county magistrate looked at it and said, “You can offend me with a piece of broken wood?” Su Ci gave Pei Zhao a wink, Pei Zhao called his follower Flying Eagle, and quickly brought the witness up.

After the witness came up, he said Lord Su Ci, it was the magistrate who arrested our family and threatened us, not let us take him. The embezzlement of the disaster relief bank is to say that we are all forced to help but hope that the adults can observe it, the county magistrate hurriedly called out Lord Su for mercy, I was wronged, Su Ci said that the evidence is conclusive and dare to quibble and ordered me to suppress it. . Su Ci thanked Pei Zhao. Thanks to Brother Pei’s thoughtful mind, he stepped up to find the officers and soldiers to save us at the critical moment.

Everyone said that Brother Pei was indeed very powerful. Xie Beiming wrote a letter to his father to show off how he solved the case with King Qi. Something. Su Ci and Pei Zhao had tea together and talked about King Qi. Pei Zhao said that you are so interested in King Qi? Su Ci said that King Qi was a pure person, who had done so much but retreated in a rapid pace. This is not something anyone can do. I also want to be a person like him, brave and strong, do whatever I want, smiled slightly and said, what do you think of the moonlight tonight?

Su Ci said it was beautiful, and Pei Zhao said that I hadn’t seen such a beautiful moon for a long time. At this time, someone came to report that the county magistrate was dead. Several people came to check that the county magistrate was hanged to death on the surface. Su Ci carefully checked the county magistrate. Xie Beiming saw the tragic condition of the county magistrate being hanged, and he was so scared that he pulled Dong Rushuang. After running away, Su Ci carefully checked and confirmed that the county magistrate himself was hanged to death.

However, the county magistrate still shouted injustice during the day and committed suicide at night. This is really weird. Su Ci said that I will carry on the body again tomorrow. An autopsy to see what’s wrong. The next day, Dong Rushuang and Su Ci went to the morgue to check the body. Dong Rushuang discovered that the body had been poisoned. Su Ci said that this was indeed not that simple. It seemed that someone did not want us to pursue the investigation. The detectives of Pei Zhao reported that the recent batches of disaster relief silver were cast with balsam powder.

Even if they melted and cast again, they would still know that it was made of disaster relief silver. After tracking for several days, the hidden guard finally traced this. Yinzi was found in a dancer from Wuyou Band who was rewarded by a Vanyanna merchant. Su Ci also received news from the county magistrate that the food box was given by the people of Wuyou Lefang. Before, the county magistrate often drank with a wealthy businessman. That person called Shadu to travel between Vanyanna and Daliang border to do some business.

The most expensive private room in the Worry-Free Music Square is contracted all year round. Pei Zhao and Xie Beiming came to Tianzifang to look for clues. There was a person who was a little bit different in front of them. This person was Shadu. When Pei Zhao saw Shadu, he became interested in him, and it should be the person he was looking for. Su Ci also came to Tianzifang to look for clues, but Dong Rushuang found that Xie Beiming was also scolding Xie Beiming and dragged him away.

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