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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 41 Recap

Liu Yihuan was drinking, but did not see Yu Sifeng, and asked the purple fox where Yu Sifeng had gone. Zihu said he should go to see Chu Xuanji . Liu Yihuan asked Zihu what kind of answer Chu Xuanji would give Yu Sifeng. Zihu said that since Chu Xuanji is willing to come to see Yu Sifeng, he should believe him in his heart. . Yu Sifeng wandered outside Chu Xuanji’s door and knocked on the door. Chu Xuanji did not open the door. Yu Sifeng opened the door and found that Chu Xuanji was not there. Yu Sifeng wanted to find her, Xiao Yinhua stopped him, and then showed him the silver hairpin, saying that she had found it on the ground. Yu Sifeng thought that Chu Xuanji did not want to forgive him.

Suddenly a fire broke out on the purple fox and they were trapped in the barrier. Yu Sifeng recognized that it was the Nine Heavens Profound Fire of the God of War. Yu Sifeng spread his wings and wanted to break. After the enchantment, it turned out that Hao Chen trapped them. Hao Chen said that this fire could not trap them, but it could break their relationship. Yu Sifeng and the others had nothing to do. Xiao Yinhua said that Chu Xuanji did it. Yu Sifeng and the others felt that there must be a misunderstanding. Yu Sifeng wanted to go to the Shaoyang faction to ask a clear question. Zihu and the others tried to persuade him, but they did not succeed.

The head of Chu told Chu Xuanji to kneel down, saying that her mother had died at the hands of Jin Chi Bird Demon. Chu Xuanji said that not all medicines are bad. Yu Sifeng promised her that he would help her find out the truth. The head of Chu slapped Chu Xuanji angrily, saying that she was a god of war, and she shouldered a huge responsibility. Chu Xuanji said that even if she is the God of War, if she is asked to be a God of War who can only kill, she would rather not do it. The head of Chu told Chu Xuanji that if she still went to find Yu Sifeng, she should not call her father. The head of Chu asked her to swear not to go to Yu Sifeng and make a clean break. The head of Chu was forced to die, and Chu Xuanji had no choice but to swear. Yu Sifeng heard Chu Xuanji’s words outside the door, thinking that Chu Xuanji really wanted to break with him.

Yu Sifeng ran out, he didn’t want to make it difficult for Chu Xuanji. If Ruoyu went to the Shaoyang School secret realm , Yu Sifeng caught up, and then asked him if he was doing things for the deputy palace lord . Ruoyu said that he knew it was too late, and since he was here, he helped Tian deal with Zhulong. The two fought with Zhulong, and the Shaoyang faction also knew that Yu Sifeng beat Ruoyu away, and Haochen and the others arrived, thinking that it was Yu Sifeng who wanted to resurrect the evil star. Chu Xuanji didn’t believe him anymore. Yu Sifeng said that he found Ruoyu here, so he wanted to block him. But Haochen didn’t believe it. Yu Sifeng told Chu Xuanji that it was not important to explain or not. They wanted to catch Yu Sifeng, Chu Xuanji wanted to protect him, but Yu Sifeng was still locked into Mingxia Cave.

Xiao Yinhua and the others are still waiting for Yu Sifeng, but they haven’t waited yet. Zihu discussed that he wanted to steal the key, but Zihu went alone. Chu Xuanji asked Teng She to find Yu Sifeng, said Chu Xuanji had given him something, and then asked him what was going on. Zhong Minyan sent a letter to Yuen Long, and it is impossible for Yu Sifeng to exchange the spirit key for Yu Sifeng. Yuen Long asked them to kill Zhong Minyan and the others, and they were rescued by Zihu. Zihu also knew that Yu Sifeng had been caught by them, and Zihu asked them to cooperate with her and steal the key together. They secretly entered the Tianxu Hall.

Zhong Minyan saw that Yuen Long and Elder Constellation were talking about the evil spirits. Yuen Long felt them and asked them to chase Zhong Minyan. Zihu asked Tingnu’s spirit beast to rescue them. Uncle Yinghong came over and said that the glazed lamp in the secret realm could no longer be suppressed, and Senior Brother Hengyang had been injured. Only then did they believe that the evil star might be resurrected, and Hao Chen said that he would kill Yu Sifeng in public to show his decent prestige. Lord Ronggu said that Chu Xuanji and Yu Sifeng had a good relationship, and he would definitely not agree. The head of Chu said that Chu Xuanji had vowed to be incompatible with Yu Si. Zhong Minyan told Chu Xuanji that they were going to take action on Yu Sifeng, and he was going to rescue Yu Sifeng with Chu Xuanji.

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