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I Don’t Want To Run 花开有晴天 Episode 9 Recap

In the villa, Li Na accidentally dropped the swimming pool. Zhao Tianlei went and pulled her up. Zhao Tianlei saw Li Na’s figure is very good, so he sent a message to the brothers that he, the landlord, has real materials, but rabbits do not eat the nest. Edge grass. On the other side, Xiang Qing followed Huang Zixuan and found that he was here to date a girl.

As soon as Huang Zixuan left, the girl stayed with another boy. When he got home, Xiang Qing told Zhao Tianlei and the others about it. Zhao Tianlei said he There is a way. The next day, they followed Huang Zixuan to the shop. They accidentally rushed in and found that Huang Zixuan was learning to make cakes with that girl. Liu Yue asked if you came out every night to learn how to make cakes, right? Huang Zixuan was right.

At night, Liu Yue couldn’t sleep in the room alone. He picked up his mobile phone and sent a message to Xiang Qing. She wanted to ask her on the weekend. She was about to agree. At this time, Huang Zixuan sent a message and wanted to ask her on the weekend. The next day, Liu Yue and Huang Zixuan also came to ask Xiang Qing why she didn’t reply. Xiang Qing didn’t know what to say, Li Suhang came out and said that everyone would help her celebrate her birthday on the weekend. After each went back, Liu Yue went to Li Suhang and wanted him to withdraw his decision, but Li Suhang refused. In the room, Xiang Qing discussed Liu Yue with Huang Zixuan. Liu Yue happened to be outside. He came to give Xiang Qing some supper. Huang Zixuan and the others found him and they dragged him in to talk. The next day, Huang Zixuan and Liu Yue were playing games together.

Zhao Tianlei said, didn’t you guys have not dealt with it the first two days? How could they be reconciled so quickly? Huang Zixuan and Liu Yue both left after hearing this. On the weekend, Xiang Qing went out of the bedroom and found that the yard had been dressed up. He opened the door of the villa and everyone sang to her outside. After singing, after everyone went in together, Zhao Tianlei gave Xiang Qing a skirt, and everyone let them She went to change it, and Xiang Qing went to change her skirt. After Xiang Qing finished changing her skirt, everyone thought it was very beautiful. Liu Yue also gave Xiang Qing a gift, Xiang Qing accepted it, and Li Na also took her own gift. Come out, it is a bag.

In the evening, Ziyi gave Xiang Qing a gift alone, and Li Suhang gave Xiang Qing a notebook. After receiving the gifts and making a wish to Xiang Qing, everyone sang a birthday song to her. After eating rice cakes, everyone started to eat barbecue. When Li Suhang saw that his gift was not taken seriously, he left angrily. In the yard, Zhao Tianlei suggested that everyone play Truth or Dare together. The first time he played Liu Yue, he lost. He chose to tell the truth. Ziyi didn’t want to listen, so she wanted to leave. As a result, she accidentally fell and Liu Yue sent her to the hospital.

In the hospital, Liu Yue gave Ziyi medicine and put his clothes on her. Li Ziyi said that no one had ever treated her so nicely. Liu Yue said that it was okay, and that he could always find him if he had something to do in the future. Li Ziyi said let’s go back, and if we don’t go back, their party will be over. Here, Xiang Qingwan lost the Truth or Dare and went to Li Suhang’s room to steal his pajamas. Li Suhang found out, and Li Suhang carried her up and threw her into the pool.

In the company, Li Suhang said that the board of directors asked them to meet Liu Kunkun to prepare for this project. Xiang Qing said that she was going and that she had read the book Li Suhang sent her and was ready. Li Suhang said that this book is not for you to see Liu Kunkun. He left, leaving a few people to discuss, Xiang Qing still wanted to go by himself, Li Suhang asked the other three to assist her.

In the villa at night, Liu Yue gave Xiang Qing a glass of milk to let her not be too nervous and let her rest early. Xiang Qing returned to the bedroom, Huang Zixuan gave her something to eat, Li Suhang also came and asked her to go to bed quickly, Xiang Qing said that I would go to bed immediately, Li Suhang said yes, and I watched you sleep. Then Li Suhang stayed by Xiang Qing’s bed and left when she fell asleep. The next day, Xiang Qing went to see Liu Kunkun.

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