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I Don’t Want To Run 花开有晴天 Episode 12 End Recap

In the villa, Xiang Qing dressed up and went to see Liu Kunkun again and said that this was her new plan. Liu Kunkun asked her if she hadn’t slept well. Xiang Qing apologized to Liu Kunkun. Liu Kunkun said she was not professional enough and let her go. , Xiang Qing left. Back home, Xiang Qing didn’t know what to do. After Xiang Qing returned to the company, she sighed. Huang Zixuan bought her a cake. Xiang Qing said that she didn’t really want to eat it today. Huang Zixuan asked if Liu Kunkun said anything about her. Xiang Qing said that Liu Kunkun said she was wasting her time.

After hearing this, Huang Zixuan scolded Liu Kunkun. Xiang Qing gave Huang Zixuan all the information of her clients, and asked him to take a closer look. If you don’t understand, you can ask her. Huang Zixuan went to tell Liu Yue and Zhao Tianlei that Xiang Qing wanted to resign, and told them that Xiang Qing had given him all the information.

After a few people returned to the work station, Huang Zixuan saw that Xiang Qing had put the resignation letter in the document, and asked her to help make coffee. Xiang Qing said that it was just right for me to teach you, and then the two went to the coffee machine. At the same time, Liu Yue and the two took the opportunity to take her resignation letter.

After returning, Xiang Qing went to Li Suhang with the financial statement. Li Suhang read her statement and said that he did not agree with her request. Xiang Qing took a return form and looked at it. It was not a resignation letter, so he told Li Suhang directly about his request. After speaking, they went out to pack their things and left. Li Suhang asked them to work hard, and then chased them out. On the lawn, Xiang Qing seemed to see Liu Yue when she was a student, and fell asleep thinking about it.

At this moment, she received a call and went to the beach. Li Suhang was waiting for her at the beach. Li Suhang looked at her and said that I would tell you a story. He said that he was seen by a little girl when he was a child. Li Suhang said it was funny. Xiang Qing became serious and said that he didn’t laugh. The two accidentally fell on the beach. Li Suhang said that I want to tell you that I am trying very hard to overcome my psychological shadow, and I also hope that you can cross the threshold set by Liu Kunkun for you. Then Li Suhang said that Mr. Liu had agreed to cooperate with our company, and then said Xiang Qing, you can go back with me now, and Xiang Qing nodded.

At the company, Li Suhang returned with Xiang Qing, and a few people had a meeting to discuss the cooperation plan with Mr. Liu. In the villa at night, Liu Yue asked Xiang Qing what she was thinking, and said that she should not worry about funding. As long as we are together, everything can be solved. The company, Li Suhang went out, Xiang Qing said that he was too busy recently, will he be exhausted, Zhao Tianlei said that you still care about him, Xiang Qing said that he is our leader. In the director’s office, Xiang Qing went to Li Suhang.

There was a document that he needed to sign. When he saw Li Suhang coughing, Xiang Qing said that coughing meant sickness. Li Suhang said that you care about me. Xiang Qing said that it is the duty of every employee to care about the leadership. Back at the work station, Xiang Qing asked Liu Yue if he had any medicine for coughing, and Liu Yue gave her medicine. Outside the company, Li Suhang found it was raining.

At this moment, Xiang Qing gave him an umbrella, and Li Suhang sent her back to the building before leaving. In the villa, Huang Zixuan and Zhao Tianlei played games together, and when Liu Yue and Xiang Qing came back, they all had dinner together. In the evening, Li Suhang also came back, and as soon as he came back he went to his room to sleep. In the morning, everyone went out together, but Xiang Qing found out that Li Suhang had not come, so she went home to have a look. It turned out that Li Suhang had a fever, so he went to find medicine for him, but when he couldn’t find it, he fetched water to cool him physically.

In the company, Xiang Qing went to the shopping mall with Zhao Tianlei and others after returning to the company. In the villa, Li Na persuaded Li Suhang to take medicine, but Li Suhang was unwilling to take it, so Li Na called Xiang Qing and asked her to go back for emergency treatment, and Xiang Qing rushed back. Went to Li Suhang’s room to feed him medicine.

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