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I Don’t Want To Run 花开有晴天 Episode 11 Recap

At the restaurant, Zhao Tianlei came to ruin Liu Yue’s date. Liu Yue asked him if he was in a bad mood recently. It didn’t matter to comfort him that his project to Liu Kunkun failed. Zhao Tianlei said that I came to you just for a drink. Let’s play a game. Liu Yue agreed. Zhao Tianlei said that I actually envy you. Those girls all like your delicate and careful style. The routines are popular. Liu Yue said that I only have sincerity, and Zhao Tianlei said that sincerity is the biggest routine. On the road, Liu Kunkun drove to the orphanage. Liu Kunkun saw that the children painted a lot of paintings on the walls of the orphanage, and wanted to take the children’s paintings for auction.

At this time, Liu Kunkun found out that Li Suhang was also there, accompanying the children. While playing, Liu Kunkun asked who this person was. The dean told Liu Kunkun that this was a volunteer. He also said that he did not come much, and his friend Zhao Tianlei came more. Li Suhang left the orphanage. Liu Kunkun stopped him. It depends on his plan. Li Suhang said that today is his day off. If you want to see the plan, please make an appointment according to the procedure. There is another one, customers must respect each other and left.

By the sea, Xiang Qing helped Huang Zixuan to send things to Li Suhang. Li Suhang was fishing at the beach. Li Suhang asked Xiang Qing what he thought. Xiang Qing said that it was useless for them to go there, and it would be useless for me to go. Li Suhang said that if you want to catch a river fish, you can catch it in a few minutes, but if you want to catch a sea fish, it may take several hours a day. At this time, Li Na called Xiang Qing and told Xiang Qing that something was going on at home, and told Xiang Qing to go back quickly. Xiang Qing said goodbye to Li Suhang, and then went back. Outside the villa, she met Li Ziyi and Liu Yue going out together.

After entering the villa, I asked Li Na what she was talking about? Li Na said yes, Xiang Qing said that it seems that I have no relationship with my idol. Li Na told her not to be sad and not to think too much. Xiang Qing said that being sad is not sad. I just recognized the facts. Fans only worship idols. In the car, Liu Yue discussed Mr. Andrew with Li Ziyi, and then Li Ziyi took him to the studio to find Andrew. When he arrived at the studio, Ziyi and Andrew introduced Liu Yue. They entered the studio together.

Andrew showed Liu Yue his paintings and found that he had painted a lot of Li Ziyi’s paintings. At this time, Li Ziyi answered the phone, and if there was something to be done, Liu Yue asked her to deal with it first. They could have a good chat. Andrew asked her to be safe on the road, and Ziyi left. After Ziyi left, Andrew told Liu Yue that Ziyi was a perfect superwoman, but it’s better to stay away from her who eats soft food like him. Liu Yue said that Ziyi and I are just good friends and we should respect her. In the villa, Xiang Qing fell down, Li Na asked her to cheer up, and Xiang Qing said that I must cheer up and not lose to Liu Kunkun. At the studio, Li Ziyi came back. Andrew said that Mr. Liu’s appearance put him under a lot of pressure, and he took out his own paintings, saying that this was a work he had done for a few years, and wanted Ziyi to be his girlfriend.

Yi said that she already had someone she likes, so she couldn’t accept his kindness. Andrew said that he had many galleries abroad who wanted to sign him, but he didn’t accept it. As long as Ziyi agreed to him, Ziyi would follow him. Painting, Liu Yue said after listening to Mr. Andrew that what you just said to me, I have the right to treat you as a declaration of love to Ziyi, but now you are threatening Ziyi and there is no need to say it. After speaking, Liu Yue just Pulled Ziyi and ran away. When he got outside the villa, Andrew called Ziyi, who said that his acting skills were a bit flamboyant.

On the other hand, Li Suhang was discussing cooperation with the person in charge of the supermarket. The person in charge of the supermarket said that she had served as Liu Kunkun’s assistant before, and then told Li Suhang that Mr. Liu was very interested in their product planning. In the villa, Liu Yue was cooking with Li Ziyi. Li Na asked Xiang Qing to help, and Xiang Qing went over and said that she would help. Liu Yue said no, please rest, Li Ziyi took Xiang Qing away. Li Na heard the sound and thought they were fighting and asked Liu Yue to cook well. Later, Li Ziyi and Xiang Qing went to do maintenance together, remembering to ask Liu Yue what kind of girl is a goddess in his mind, Liu Yue told her.

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