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I Don’t Want To Run 花开有晴天 Episode 10 Recap

In the company, Huang Zixuan couldn’t hear Xiang Qing’s voice anymore. On the other hand, Liu Kunkun asked Xiang Qing about her dress and said that the information she brought was all from a male perspective. Women discuss feminine products and don’t like male manipulation behind them. On the road, Xiang Qing walked outside alone, remembering what Liu Kunkun said, saying that she only saw what men gave her, but did not see her own thoughts. The mediocrity is not scary, but the terrible thing is to accept mediocrity.

Back at the company, Huang Zixuan gave Xiang Qing a lollipop, and Xiang Qing said that she didn’t want to eat it. Xiang Qing went to the director’s office and said that she wanted to ask for leave. Li Suhang said that evasion would not solve the problem. Xiang Qing said that even if it was evasion, she would like to take a day off. Li Suhang said that if he was not allowed, Xiang Qing said she would ask for a fine. , It’s okay to be absent from work, and leave after speaking. Li Suhang ran out to stop Xiang Qing, but Xiang Qing ran away.

In the office, Li Suhang and others were in a meeting, talking about Liu Kunkun’s personality. Zhao Tianlei wanted to confuse Liu Kunkun with hue. Li Suhang said I think you are all wrong. Now we should think about why Liu Kunkun doesn’t want to discuss female products with men. At the villa, Li Suhang brought snacks back to eat, but Xiang Qing refused to come over, saying that he was unwell, Li Suhang went to Xiang Qing’s bedroom to look for her, and told her that Liu Kunkun would like to see her twice and he would definitely be optimistic about her.

For this challenge, he should have a good body. He will not let anyone in his team fall behind, and he will leave after speaking. The next day, Xiang Qing left the bedroom. Huang Zixuan said that he had an important task. He followed Liu Kunkun to the gym. Back at the villa, Liu Yue asked Zixuan what was wrong, and Zixuan said I would have a nightmare tonight. On the other side, Zhao Tianlei went to see Liu Kunkun. He was refused by saying good things to her and giving her a gift. Zhao Tianlei went back to the villa and said that he thought about it.

Everyone should try such a good opportunity. Then he told Liu Yue that he thought he could try it, but Liu Yue didn’t want to go. Xiang Qing didn’t want to let Liu Yue go alone, so she said to go with Liu Yue. In the parking lot, Xiang Qing gave Liu Yue a tie. As soon as it was fixed, Liu Kunkun passed by their car. Liu Yue went to talk to Liu Kunkun. Liu Kunkun found that there was a problem with the car. Liu Yue said that he was a professional and could help her. , Liu Kunkun didn’t agree, got the car right by himself, and then drove away. When he first drove, he found Xiang Qing hiding from the side. Liu Kunkun said thank you and bye.

Back at the villa, Zhao Tianlei said that only our cute boy would be sent. Huang Zixuan was unwilling and ran away. Zhao Tianlei said that it seemed that this persuasion task could only be handed over to you, Xiang Qing. Xiang Qing agreed and went to Huang Zixuan with a lot of food the next day. Huang Zixuan ran away when she saw her, and Xiang Qing went after him, only to hit Li Suhang who had just got out of the elevator. In the villa, Huang Zixuan watched Xiang Qing watering the flowers. Zhao Tianlei said that he could help him chase Qing, but if he wanted him to fix Liu Kunkun, Huang Zixuan thought about it and agreed. As a result, when they stopped Liu Kunkun who was in the morning exercise, Liu Kunkun said that the script was wrong and fought back and started over.

In the evening, Huang Zixuan asked Zhao Tianlei to teach him how to please Xiang Qing, but Zhao Tianlei didn’t teach him anything. Xiang Qing’s bedroom, Xiang Qing said that the time was almost up, and she hadn’t settled Liu Kunkun yet. Xiang Qing suddenly said that she had something to do with Liu Yue, so she went to Zhao Tianlei and asked Zhao Tianlei where Liu Yue had gone. Zhao Tianlei said that rabbits don’t eat grass at the nest. Sometimes it’s the reason why there are too many rabbits, and then he said to help her find rabbits. , And left. At the restaurant, Ziyi said that she wanted to donate the cat food and litter she had at home to the rescue station and let Liu Yue accompany her.

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