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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 34 Recap

Li Haichao was cooking in the kitchen. Li Jianjian also came to help him. He Ziqiu woke up and went out to see a picture of a family eating in Li Jianjian. He Ziqiu walked to the kitchen and Li Haichao asked Ling Xiao to come down and eat together. The three of them sat at the table to have a meal. Li Haichao talked about what happened yesterday. He Ziqiu told Li Haichao that everything about yesterday was made clear.

Don’t mention it again. Li Haichao asked the three of them to listen to what he said. Li Haichao said that most of his children’s faults were due to adults, and he was not a qualified father. Li Haichao said that apart from cooking for the three of them, he didn’t care much about their affairs. Many things were evasive and survived as long as they thought they could survive.

Adults are not as courageous as children to admit their mistakes. Then Li Haichao said that Li Jianjian had been pampering him since he was a child because he didn’t have a mother, and even though Ling Xiao called Dad, he was not a relative, so he was not qualified to manage many things. As for He Ziqiu and Li Haichao said that he can not forgive Anna Mae, because after all she has done so many unforgivable things, but some things must be told to him.

Li Haichao told He Ziqiu that when Mae went to work in Shenzhen, the manager of the cosmetics counter lied to her that she was not married and pursued her. Finally, she came to the door, cursed the vixen in the makeup market and everyone came to watch the jokes. Then Anna Mae found the manager’s theory. Who knew that the manager still wanted Anna Mae to be a junior. Anna Mae refused and was fired by the manager. When he returned home, the landlord told Anna Mae that he would not take the house because there was too much trouble during the day.

Lease it to her. After speaking, Ling Xiao noticed He Ziqiu’s silent expression. Ling Xiao said that he was going to work and asked Li Jianjian to go to the studio to accompany He Ziqiu later. Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu went out and talked about a lot of chicken soup for the soul. He Ziqiu was so confused that he couldn’t listen. Then he stopped the car on the side of the road and asked Li Jianjian to go. He wanted to be quiet.

On the other hand, Anna Mae had a fever and his friend Luo Hong came to take care of her. Luo Hong said that if it hadn’t been for Li Haichao to let her take a look, no one would know that Annama died at home. Then Luo Hong said that Li Haichao was a good man and he cared so much. Anna Mae, two people can continue their relationship. Anna Mae said that she abandoned others back then and now people think that I remarried and gave birth to Dongdong. It’s really hard to mention this matter.

After Ling Heping came back, he found Li Haichao and asked him about two things. Li Haichao told him that Jianjian was with Ling Xiao but he was worried about Chen Ting. Li Haichao said that he would not let Li Jianjian be angry with his mother-in-law. Ling Heping said that Chen Tingyuan could not manage that far in Singapore, and then Li Haichao told Ling Heping about He Ziqiu. Ling Heping sent a message to Ling Xiao to help him and Li Jianjian himself very supportively.

After seeing the news, Ling Heping thanked Ling Heping and said that he would work hard. Zhuang Beiyue met with Qi Mingyue, and then sent a message to Qi Mingyue to confess. Halfway through Qi Mingyue’s news, he didn’t read it and was very angry, because Zhuang Bei knew that Tang Can liked him and he was Tang Can’s best girlfriend. Then Qi Mingyue said that he had been just treating Zhuang Bei as a senior and had no other meaning, and then left.

Qi Mingyue was very panicked when she received Tang Can’s call, but Tang Can told her that she had been hired by the producer. Qi Mingyue suddenly let go of her heart. Qi Mingyue dared not go home downstairs at night, Ling Xiao and Li Jianjian came back and saw her. After Ling Xiao went upstairs, Qi Mingyue told Jianjian about Zhuang Bei’s confession of himself. Li Jianjian said that Qi Mingyue was not strange. But Qi Mingyue said that Li Jianjian didn’t dare to tell herself at the beginning, and in the end Li Jianjian said that it was impossible to hide it.

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