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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 33 Recap

Li Haichao told Li Jianjian that Ling Xiao was okay, but he was worried that Ling Xiao’s mother Chen Ting would look down on her home at the beginning and didn’t know how Li Jianjian got along. Li Jianjian told Li Haichao that Chen Ting called Ling Xiao that day, she was nearby and answered the phone. Li Jianjian said that maybe his personality will change when he gets old.

And where did Chen Ting manage Lingxiao in Singapore, then Li Jianjian asked Li Haichao to seriously consider the matter between Teacher Zhang and him. On the other side, Qi Mingyue was writing an application for going to Beijing. At this time, Qi Mingyue’s mother opened the video. Qi Mingyue quickly took out the civil service book and pretended to be. Jin Yuxiang quickly hung up the phone after seeing Qi Mingyue reading.

Mingyue was angry and threw away all the books. Qi Mingyue didn’t want to take the civil service exam. Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao ran to where He Ziqiu went to work and quietly followed He Ziqiu. He Ziqiu suddenly appeared behind the two people while they were talking. Ling Xiao told He Ziqiu that he had installed tracking software on his mobile phone. Li Jianjian told He Ziqiu. Xiao secretly paid off his credit card. He Ziqiu said that he didn’t want Ling Xiao’s help, but Ling Xiao said that his girlfriend could not worry about her little brother.

In the evening, Mae brought Dongdong to Li Haichao. Li Haichao made noodles for Dongdong and Mae also said that Dongdong also liked to eat stuffing before. He Mei then told Li Haichao that she had found out that Zhao Huaguang had another son who was already five years old and had a big banquet in her hometown, so this is also so easy for He Ziqiu to return home.

He Mei then told Li Haichao about seeing He Ziqiu working in the cafeteria, and then asked if Li Haichao had Zhao Huaguang’s phone number. She wanted to ask how He Ziqiu would work without money. After Li Haichao called Mae Mae, Mae directly called Zhao Huaguang and asked Zhao Huaguang. Zhao Huaguang said that He Ziqiu refused to call his father so he had cut off his financial resources. He Ziqiu finished studying by himself.

He Mei was very angry that He Ziqiu worked and lived abroad alone, and then warned Zhao Huaguang that if he didn’t give him what He Ziqiu deserved, he would go to his hometown and tell all the scandals about Zhao Huaguang. Dongdong took the dog food of Li Hai Chao’s dog and ate, and then took Dongdong to wash his hands and cooked dishes and drank and ate with Mae. Li Haichao learned that Dongdong had autism from Mae’s mouth. Li Haichao also said that he loves to escape, and that He Ziqiu worked abroad without knowing it and couldn’t help. Anna Mae bluntly said that it is not easy for Li Haichao to manage three children alone, and he is better than them.

He Ziqiu saw the transfer message from the mobile phone and found that Zhao Huaguang called. Zhao Huaguang asked He Ziqiu why he didn’t have money and didn’t let him ask him to find him. He also asked He Ziqiu that he could forgive him why he couldn’t forgive himself? He Ziqiu resolutely said the words of separation. At this time, when Li Jianjian came in and asked what was going on, He Ziqiu was very angry and dropped the phone and ran out. Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao went out to find He Ziqiu and called Li Haichao.

Finally, Li Jianjian found He Ziqiu in the beauty shop of He Mei, and at this time, He Mei and Li Haichao also came. He Ziqiu told Anna Mae that what had been said at the beginning did not interfere with each other, why should she take care of her own business? He Ziqiu said that when it was the most difficult time to work abroad, he did not intercede like Zhao Huaguang. He Mei and Zhao Huaguang abandon themselves so he can’t let them look down. Every time he takes in himself, Li Haichao and Li Jianjian, so he has to work hard to make money. Treat them well. Then He Ziqiu took Ling Xiao and Li Jianjian away, and He Mei told Li Haichao that she would not bother anymore.

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