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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 8 Recap

Du Mingshan regained his job because of ten pages of help Gao Tianshuo saw Luo Yuefang’s appeal.

The editor-in-chief talked about the length of the ten-page special manuscript. Du Mingshan immediately sent an e-mail to ten pages. Before she got out of the office, she replied to the e-mail after ten pages, saying that he would send an article every week. The subject matter was determined by Du Mingshan. The manuscript is 1,500 words, and the publisher can now announce it. The editor-in-chief saw that Du Mingshan had really fulfilled the requirement to find a ten-page contract, so he didn’t embarrass her any more and continued to let her stay in the publishing house.

Liao Qianman was forced by her parents to go on a blind date. Her mother arranged for all kinds of strange men to meet her. In one day, she met with eleven people. Liao Qianman was forced to go back to Taipei to live in a bad mood. She was reluctant to leave, but in the end she packed her luggage and stuffed a lot of things for food and use. Before leaving, my father gave her the peace signs my mother had asked for in several temples, and my mother suffered from it. Liao Qianman was very grateful to his parents, but chose to leave Pingtung.

Gao Tianshuo unknowingly worried about Du Mingshan’s arrival. He did not come back at 11 o’clock in the evening. After Du Mingshan and Li Meiqi came back, they saw that the lights on the balcony were not on, so they found the light bulb and wanted to replace it. Wearing safety gloves did not stand on the safety ladder, but Du Mingshan thought he was a bit redundant.

Liao Qianman dreamed that her mother called her to go on a blind date again, and shouted. Du Mingshan and Li Meiqi hurried over to wake her up when they heard it. Liao Qianman breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that they were really in Taipei, and then went to Jing Sister Fan’s help in the shop was considered a favor before she officially found a job. Jing Fan agreed and promised to give her the cost of finding a part-time job. Luo Danfang angered his elder brother because of Li Meiqi’s affairs, and refused to talk to him, only using information to communicate with him, Luo Yuefang was helpless.

Du Mingshan bought a lot of things back, but forgot to buy a light bulb, but saw light bulbs, gloves and a note on the balcony. Gao Tianshuo said that the light bulbs have been left for a long time and may expire if they are not used. Du Mingshan knows The gratitude he prepared specially for himself also broke through his lie, saying that light bulbs are not like food and will not expire. Afterwards, Du Mingshan contacted Luo Danfang and asked her to say hello to Luo Yuefang. Gao Tianshuo wanted to meet him, Luo Danfang immediately agreed, and then discussed with Luo Yuefang and formally begged him. Luo Yuefang said that he would deal with it as appropriate. Gao Tianshuo didn’t know all of this.

Li Meiqi collected the quilt on the balcony. Gao Tianshuo went to talk to him, and the assistant wanted to follow him. Gao Tianshuo stopped him, because every time he had a good idea, he would appear as a saboteur. Li Meiqi recognized Gao Tianshuo. He was the man who had waited for Du Mingshan all night on her wedding day. The two chatted for a while.

Later, Xu Kaiyu asked Li Meiqi for dinner. Li Meiqi was embarrassed to refuse, and hurriedly called Luo Danfang, Gao Tianshuo and his assistant followed them to see Luo Yuefang, and sure enough, they saw Luo Yuefang, Gao Tianshuo stopped Luo Yuefang, and pushed the assistant. In the previous negotiations, Luo Yuefang decided to give them some time. The assistant said for a long time and did not explain Bai Gao Tianshuo’s intentions. Gao Tianshuo had to go out in person. Luo Yuefang was very curious about how he knew his identity. Gao Tianshuo gave his judgment, and Luo Yuefang told him With admiration, promised to think about it.

Du Mingshan was going to have a party on the balcony and invited friends to come together, but Gao Tianshuo said that she did not greet herself beforehand. After all, the balcony was shared by everyone. The two quarreled because of this. Du Mingshan blamed him for not understanding herself. The image of a good neighbor is always pretended.

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