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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 7 Recap

Luo Yuefang did not agree to Li Meiqi coming to work at the company Gao Tianshuo agreed to help Du Mingshan write a feature.

The assistant helped Gao Tianshuo deal with the contract with the publishing house and the requests made by fans to him. After seeing Tao Tiantian’s live broadcast, the assistant directly called Du Mingshan among them. Gao Tianshuo saw Li Meiqi and remembered what happened on her wedding day. Luo Yuefang seems to be very concerned about her. The assistant thinks that maybe he can use this relationship to let Gao Tianshuo find a way to ease the relationship with Du Mingshan, and then approach Li Meiqi, so that he has a bargaining chip to approach Luo Yuefang. Gao Tianshuo thinks this is a villain behavior, saying that it is only an assistant Such a person would come up with such an idea, but he might consider it.

Li Meiqi applied for the job at Luo Yuefang’s company. She introduced her experience and expertise to the interviewing section chief. Luo Danfang also introduced Li Meiqi to Luo Yuefang. He talked about a lot of advantages. The only drawback is that it’s too easy to trust others, which makes it easy to get caught. People deceive. Xu Kaiyu asked Luo Yuefang whether he would admit Li Meiqi. If he was admitted, he would have the opportunity to get close to the platform, which would be more conducive to completing the tasks he gave him. Hearing this, Luo Yuefang felt that it was not necessary to recruit Li Meiqi into his company. Good thing.

Xu Kaiyu sent Li Meiqi and Luo Danfang out and directly confessed to Li Meiqi. Li Meiqi said that she did not know him well, and that she was not as good as he said. Xu Kaiyu asked her to give herself a chance, and Luo Danfang prevented Xu Kaiyu from going forward to disturb him. , Said it depends on his future performance.

Du Mingshan continued to contact Tenpages by email. Although Gao Tianshuo saw it, but did not reply, she was moved by Du Mingshan’s sincerity and smooth writing. From the content, Gao Tianshuo vaguely felt Du Mingshan’s anxiety. When the agreed time limit was reached, the editor-in-chief called Du Mingshan over and said that if she contacted less than ten pages today, she would be able to get out. She wanted her to beg for mercy. Unexpectedly, Du Mingshan was very stubborn and would rather be expelled than bow her head. Du Mingshan continued to email ten pages, describing her bad mood. Gao Tianshuo noticed it and wanted to ask her what happened, but Du Mingshan declined his kindness.

Luo Danfang brought Li Meiqi to the company in advance to familiarize himself with the situation. He thought it was a certainty, but he did not expect that he was not hired in the end. At Du Mingshan’s house, the three sisters were chatting. Du Mingshan said that she had to find a job again. Li Meiqi also thought that she had to go to find a job with Du Mingshan after hearing that she had not received the second interview notice. I was happy, and immediately called the interview section chief to inquire. The section chief told the truth that it was Luo Yuefang’s idea. Luo Danfang wanted to ask his brother Xingshi to inquire, but was stopped by Du Mingshan. He felt that Luo Yuefang should feel that Li Meiqi was not comfortable working in his company. If she called at this time, it would be tantamount to forcing the palace, and Li Meiqi would not be at ease even if she went to work.

Xu Kaiyu sent a message to Li Meiqi. The sisters also wanted to see him to check for Li Meiqi, so they asked Xu Kaiyu to Jing Fan’s shop. Xu Kaiyu was questioned by the sisters as if he was being interrogated by the three halls. His face was sweating profusely, but fortunately his frankness and straightforwardness finally won the recognition of his sisters. At this time, Du Mingshan received a ten-page reply, saying that he was willing to write a special feature for her publishing house. Du Mingshan was very excited and asked the sisters to share this joy with herself. Xu Kaiyu took the happy posture of the sisters.

Gao Tianshuo met Du Mingshan when she went out. Seeing that she had to look for Ten Pages, she couldn’t help but wonder. Du Mingshan said Ten Pages is her most admired writer. She must find him. It has nothing to do with whether she was expelled. Gao Tianshuo She suggested that she go to the publishing house to negotiate on this condition, and perhaps she could save her job. Du Mingshan thought this was a good idea.

Later, Du Mingshan found the editor-in-chief, but the editor-in-chief asked her what kind of feature the ten pages said was a perfunctory manuscript with more than a hundred words, or a large manuscript with more than 2,000 words. He would decide whether or not. She will be recruited again. Du Mingshan just sent an email, but before she walked out of the editor-in-chief’s door, she responded with a ten-page email.

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