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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 9 Recap

Wen Renjun came to see Luo Qiuchi , but Luo Qiuchi did not wake up. Wen Renjun told Luo Qiuchi that the enemy had not been found yet. If he lay down here, the enemy would be free for a moment. It would be okay to give himself a clue. Zhao Qinghe came to Luo Qiuchi’s room to find Wen Renjun and said that he had brought two sets of medicine to him. Wen Renjun thanked Zhao Qinghe very much. Then the two of them left, but they met many classmates and everyone came to deliver medicine to Luo Qiuchi and Hang Ruxue. .

Fu Yuanzhi came to Wen Renjun. Fu Yuanzhi sent Wen Renjun delicious food and apologized to Wen Renjun. Did he still forgive his brother? Wen Renjun said that he was also at fault today, and he did not blame Fu Yuanzhi. After that, Fu Yuanzhi let Wen Renjun stay away from Luo Qiuchi, and confessed that Wen Renjun, Wen Renjun said no, and that he had not thought about these children, so he let Fu Yuanzhi go back. gone back. The guy from the odd goods store brought the medicine to Hang Ruxue. Hang Ruxue asked who gave it. The guy from the odd goods store said that there was no comment on the buyer’s identity. Hang Ruxue was very angry. Then he asked the guy to put it down and the guy sent it. It’s all baby.

Wen Renjun was with Luo Qiuchi and kept calling Luo Qiuchi, but Luo Qiuchi never woke up, and then went back. Wen Renjun encountered a gangster on his way home. The man in black who attacked Luo Qiuchi rescued Wen Renjun, the man in black. Said that he was Lu Xingyun, and then Wen Renjun took Lu Xingyun home, wanted to invite him to drink, and then wanted to worship Lu Xingyun as his teacher, and wanted to practice martial arts. Lu Xingyun said that martial arts practice requires will and refuses Wen Renjun’s. Begging, after a while, Wen’s servants came, and Lu Xingyun ran away before Wen’s servants came.

Luo Qiuchi woke up in the middle of the night, Hang Ruxuelai handed Luo Qiuchi water, Wen Renjun sent Luo Qiuchi pig’s trotter, Luo Qiuchi was pretending to sleep, Wen Renjun felt that Luo Qiuchi was not awake, so he planned to eat for Luo Qiuchi, and if it was delicious, he would give Luo Qiuchi again Take it, and then Wen Renjun ate it. Luo Qiuchi watched Wen Renjun eating the pig’s feet. Luo Qiuchi said it was delicious. Wen Renjun said it was delicious.

After a while, Wen Renjun realized that Luo Qiuchi was awake, and immediately went to hug Luo Qiuchi. Wen Renjun said it was great. He was by his side to take care of him as soon as he woke up. Wen Renjun asked Luo Qiuchi if he wanted to eat pig’s feet, and then Wen Renjun went to pour water and then took the pig’s feet for Luo Qiuchi. Wen Renjun is making people come to bully herself. In fact, they are all acting in order to see Lu Xingyun again. Lu Xingyun has really come. Lu Xingyun blames Wen Renjun. Lu Xingyun said Wen Renjun did so much effort. I lied to myself, what should I do if I really hurt?

Then Wen Renjun said he was here, Wen Renjun sent Lu Xingyun some wine, and wanted Lu Xingyun to teach him martial arts. Lu Xingyun asked Wen Renjun why he practiced martial arts. Wen Renjun said that he wanted to protect the people he wanted to protect. Then Lu Xingyun promised to listen to Wen Renjun as an apprentice and told Wen Renjun that he should not let anyone know that they are a teacher. Wen Renjun agreed to the relationship between disciples, and after Wen Renjun left, he said that Wen Renjun and Xiaomei are too similar.

Wen Renshu has been very scared since returning from training that day, because she caused Wen Renjun not to mount, thinking she killed Wen Renjun, and her mother told Wen Renshu not to think too much, just to pursue her own happiness. Care about this kind of thing. Fu Yuanzhi came to Wen’s house to find Wenren Shu. Fu Yuanzhi asked Wenren Shu if she frightened Ma that day because a wound was found on the horse’s body. Wen Renshu admitted that Wen Renshu said that he liked Fu Yuanzhi since he was a child, but Fu Yuanzhi liked Wen Renjun, and then said that he was wrong, just impulsively. He hoped that Fu Yuanzhi would not blame himself.

He hoped that he would not tell others about it. Fu Yuanzhi said only This time, I would never commit any more, and then left. Wen Renshu smiled triumphantly, Wen Renshu returned to the room, Wen Renshu hugged the cat in the room, Wen Renshu was frightened, Wen Renshu asked Wen Renshu why he was so afraid of raising kittens, Wen Renshu said It was given by Fu Yuanzhi. Wen Renjun found that Wen Renjun liked Fu Yuanzhi. Wen Renjun hoped that Wen Renjun could help him, and Wen Renjun agreed. Besides taking care of Luo Qiuchi every day, Wen Renjun practices martial arts with Lu Xingyun.

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