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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 10 Recap

For a while, Wen Renjun was taking care of Luo Qiuchi, and then he practiced martial arts with Lu Xingyun. He kept repeating this life. Wen Renjun asked why he had been practicing these weird things these days, and he didn’t even touch the sword. Lu Xingyun said that this can make people’s swords a good one in the future, Wen Renjun understood. Wen Renjun told Zhao Qinghe that Hang Ruxue had recovered well, Wen Renjun said that Luo Qiuchi’s wound had healed a little, Wen Renjun asked Zhao Qinghe not to ask Hang Ruxue, Zhao Qinghe said he was afraid he would not use it again if he knew it. After the medicine was gone, Wen Renjun went to see Luo Qiuchi.

Hang Ruxue came to catch Luo Qiuchi because he was the Lord of Dongyi Mountain, but Wen Renjun refused to let him go. Luo Qiuchi asked Wen Renjun to go out first, and Wen Renjun asked Luo Qiuchi to be more careful. Hang Ruxue asked Luo Qiuchi to torture himself or he would help. Luo Qiuchi started with Hang Ruxue. Luo Qiuchi told Hang Ruxue that he had fought side by side before, but now he was going to kill himself. He was really wrong.

Hang Ruxue Luo Qiuchi said that he would commit suicide if he caught him, but Hang Ruxue couldn’t beat Luo Qiuchi. Luo Qiuchi took a vase to play with, and neither of them dared to break it. The two finally stopped and talked. For a while. Luo Qiuchi said that he came to the academy now to study. Hang Ruxue asked why he went to the library.

Luo Qiuchi said that he wanted to track down and kill his enemy, and told Hang Ruxue that he and Fu Yuanzhi found Yao Pei when he and Fu Yuanzhi attacked the cottage. People also have this waist wear, so they entered the academy. The two talked for a while. Hang Ruxue finally believed in Luo Qiuchi. After Hang Ruxue left, Wen Renjun came in to see Luo Qiuchi for a while, and Wen Renjun found Luo Qiuchi’s wounds. It split and was very nervous. Luo Qiuchi hugged Wen Renjun into his arms, and Wen Renjun ran out of the room shyly.

Hang Ruxue came to the imperial palace to see the emperor. Hang Ruxue said that the mountain thief was far from the Lord of Dongyi Mountain and would not be the Lord of Dongyi Mountain. Wen Renjun was looking for a cure for the rivers and lakes and brought it to Luo Qiuchi. Luo Qiuchi was very afraid. After a while, Wen Renjun gave Luo Qiuchi medicine. The two behaved very closely. Hang Ruxue happened to see this scene. Wen Renjun said that if Hang Ruxue hurt Luo Qiuchi now, he would be taking advantage of the danger, otherwise he would tell others that he was a villain, and then Hang Ruxue asked Wen Renjun to leave and give Luo Qiuchi medicine by himself, but found that Luo Qiuchi was all well. Hang Ruxue asked Luo Qiuchi why he lied to others.

Luo Qiuchi said that Wen Renjun would take care of him only if he was injured. Hang Ruxue said to Luo Qiuchi that he actually lied to the little girl. Luo Qiuchi said that he was facing what he liked. When I was a person, I was very happy. Then Hang Ruxue found that Luo Qiuchi used the same medicine as her own. Hang Ruxue asked who gave it. Wen Renjun said that she bought it at a strange goods store. Hang Ruxue believed it. , Then left. Luo Qiuchi said that Hang Ruxue used Zhao Qinghe’s medicine, but he did not know that the person who gave the medicine was Zhao Qinghe. Then Wen Renjun asked Luo Qiuchi to wear the waist to himself.

His housekeeper likes to collect jade, so he can ask his housekeeper, but Luo Qiuchi Luo Qiuchi asked Wen Renjun about the relationship between the two people, saying that the waist wear was lost, but Wen Renjun said that he and Zhao Qinghe had made an appointment to meet. Luo Qiuchi didn’t believe it, thinking that Wen Renjun was lying to him, and Wen Renjun said that something really happened. , And then left.

Zhao Qinghe and Wen Renjun came to buy things together and bought a lot. Zhao Qinghe was angry because of Hang Ruxue. Zhao Qinghe said that he would only buy things for Hang Ruxue, and he could not take care of Luo Qiuchi like Wen Renjun. He felt that he was useless. Then the two ate and drank. Luo Qiuchi and Hang Ruxue drank while taking a bath. Luo Qiuchi asked Hang Ruxue why he had no family to come to see him.

Hang Ruxue said that his family was in the frontier, and Luo Qiuchi said that his family had disappeared when he was very young. Luo Qiuchi went to look for the waist wear the next day, but could not find it. It has been picked up by people passing by. Wen Renjun is practicing martial arts with Lu Xingyun, Wen Renjun asks Lu Xingyun, and there is a rumor that Lu Xingyun is trying to save his beloved. Little Junior Sister, don’t be afraid of danger, is this thing true?

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