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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 6 Recap

Quan Hee is choosing four professional players through his professional selection and preparing to train with everyone. Park Qicai came to the training ground secretly, but was discovered by Quan Xizheng, but he didn’t say much. After the training, Park Qicai thoughtfully added a few dishes to the players. Quan Hee was telling her that whether she was here to investigate the enemy or to watch the game sincerely, she has a strict training plan, so she must not Will lose.

Park Qicai asked him if he knew what the players thought of him. Kwon Heezheng said that he didn’t care about what everyone was thinking, and said that the style of play he designed for everyone is the best idea for them. Park Qicai advised him that no matter how good this style of play is, once the players’ hearts are lost, it is difficult to repair. Kwon Hee didn’t think so, but he didn’t expect that in the following training, the players would show some slack.

Quan Xizheng came up with the strategy he made and wanted to tell everyone about it. Unexpectedly, everyone agreed that there are many variables on the court and it is impossible to play based on these strategies. Quan Hee couldn’t do anything about these people. He thought it was Park Qicai who said something behind his back. He hurried to find Park Qicai and asked what she had said to the players. Park Qicai said that she had guessed that they would be separated a long time ago, and she didn’t expect to come so quickly, but Quan Xizheng still refused to let him go. He continued to return to the training ground, seeing that everyone was not thinking about training.

He hated iron but not steel. When the players were resting and playing games, he unplugged the network cable. He told everyone that the basketball game will be played the day after tomorrow, so from now on, we must prepare for the game. The team members were a little dissatisfied, saying that everyone came for Kwon Hee-jung’s fame at the beginning.

He didn’t expect him to be such a meticulous person. He didn’t regard everyone as teammates at all, just as a tool to win the game. Everyone said , To leave the team. Quan Xizheng felt uncomfortable, but there was nothing to say. He returned home listening to the music in a daze. Park Qicai was worried about him and came outside his house, hoping that he would be happy.

Park Qi Cai took Quan Hee Jung to the lake, holding Quan Hee Jung’s cell phone. Park Qi Cai said that he wanted to ask the players out for him, so that everyone could talk, so that there would be no more misunderstandings. Everyone can train together again. Under the organization of Park Qicai, everyone soon came to a restaurant for dinner. Perhaps because of Park Qicai’s active atmosphere, Quan Xi was quickly letting go of himself and getting drunk with everyone. After getting drunk, a player said to Quan Hee Jung that he had known him a long time ago, and everyone actually hoped that he could be with Park Qi Cai.

The basketball game finally started smoothly. Park Qicai stood in the crowd and kept calling Quan Hee Jung to cheer. Lin Yi brought a boy to the arena and was instantly distracted by Park Jaeyu . The first half of the game was over quickly. Quan Hee was leading the team to lead his brother’s team by 3 points, and both sides were ready to reassign their roles. At this time, the elder brother team newly joined Cha Yun-hyun , and Park Jae-woo was still watching Lin Yi and the boy in a daze. The elder brothers persuaded him that no one would care about the tears of the loser. After Cha Yun-hyun came on the court, the score quickly caught up, but what he didn’t know was that if his brother’s team won, Quan Hee was about to agree to a date with Park Qi Chae.

The game was successfully completed, and the elder brother team won the Kwon Hee Jung’s team by a small gap. Kwon Hee was abiding by the agreement and set off for a trip with Park Qi Cai. Unexpectedly, as soon as they were on the road, the two had a disagreement over whether to take a taxi. Park Qicai got into the black taxi alone and separated from Quan Xizheng. Although Quan Xi was repeatedly blocking her, Park Qicai got into the car, but the driver did not expect the driver to drive her a long way. After she found out, she argued with the driver and was thrown on the road.

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