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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 5 Recap

Park Zaiyu was about to ask Lin Yi something, but when he came to the door of Lin’s family, he suddenly lost the courage to go in. Just then Lin went out to throw out the trash, and she asked Park Jaeyu what was wrong. Park Jae-woo was nervous for a while, but he only said that because he had a question that was not clear, he wanted to ask her for advice. Quan Xi was very angry just because he lost his playlist. He drove Park Qicai out of the house, saying that he was very unlucky because of her, which made Park Qicai feel very wronged. After Park Zaiyu finished his tuition, he left Lin Yi’s home with great anxiety. Before leaving, he left the gift he prepared for Lin Yi at the door of Lin Yi’s family, and left a note for her, asking her whether she liked him or not.

Quan Xizheng came to Park Qicai’s candy shop to pick up candies. Park Qicai was very happy. She thought that Quan Xizheng was angry and ignored herself, but she did not expect that he would come to her own candy shop. Seeing the kind of candy Quan Hee was holding, Park Qicai quickly said that it was also one of his favorites. Unexpectedly, Quan Xi was hurriedly returning the candy to her, saying that he didn’t want to match her taste. Park Qicai was in a depressed mood, sitting in a daze in the stadium alone. At this time, Tao Tao, the host of the game, came over and comforted her that she was really good, and asked her if she had any special training secrets or was guided by a famous teacher. Thinking of Quan Hee’s guidance to her, Park Qi Cai said from the heart that he was indeed excellent, but she came back to her senses and said that she was just more attentive.

Park Qicai came to the piano room to look for Quan Xizheng, and saw that he was playing the piano. Park Qicai took the initiative to compliment, saying that he was really good at playing. Quan Xizheng said with a cold expression, saying that he has nothing to do with her, and now that the piano competition is over, the two don’t need to have any contact, and he hates the trouble she has caused him. Park Qicai thought secretly in her heart, in his eyes, is she just a person who can only cause trouble. Back home, Park Qicai couldn’t beat any energy, and her brothers were so anxious that they broke their hearts. They thought of a man, Cha Yun-hyun , and thought he could definitely help Park Qi-chae to cheer up.

Of course, Cha Yunxian couldn’t ask for it, in order to make a good impression on Park’s family, so that Park Qicai could like herself. After class, Cha Yunxian found Park Qicai, and Park Qicai took the opportunity to ask him if he was particularly annoying. However, Cha Yunxian said that the troubles she caused happened to bring infinite fun to herself. After listening to it, Park Qi Cai was very happy, but thinking about Quan Xizheng’s attitude, she was still unhappy.

After Cha Yunxian persuaded her, Park Qicai realized that instead of being unhappy because of others’ denials, it is better to let him recognize himself, and that he would definitely make him like him. After returning home, Park Qicai began to play the piano seriously. She told her brothers that she was about to officially pursue Quan Hee Jung. But now there is a particularly important issue. Quan Xizheng always ignores herself, and her brothers tell her that a solution has been worked out for her.

Park Jae negotiated with Quan Xizheng to go to the basketball court and asked him if he dared to make a bet with him, saying that he knew he didn’t like Park Qicai’s harassment. After class was over, Park Qicai went to the classroom to stop Quan Hee-jung, but unexpectedly ran into Cha Yun-hyun. Hearing that their teacher assigned them homework, Park Qicai asked Cha Yunxian what he thought. After listening to him, Park Qicai learned that Quan Xizheng was looking for a musician, and hurried to the library to stop Quan Xizheng.

Park Qicai was worried that he would lose the basketball game and asked how he was preparing. She whispered and said that although she hoped that he would lose, she should not lose too ugly. After another tuition, Park Zaiyu mustered up the courage and asked Lin Yi if he had received a gift from him. Lin Yi said that he didn’t like to eat candy very much. Park Jae Yu didn’t have the courage to ask the questions he wanted to ask. Lin Yi said that he could help him concentrate and improve his concentration.

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