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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 4 Recap

The second round of the competition soon began. Park Qicai swapped pianos with Friday strings, and she kept telling herself to play quickly. Her hand strummed involuntarily, and she didn’t expect that it was a very simple song that popped up, even He Yuanzhu was shocked. Quan Xizheng said that what he taught her was not this piece of music.

This piece of music is too simple for Wu Xian. After she finished playing, Quan Hee was walking onto the stage, took out the little turtle that Park Qicai had picked up before, and asked her if she still remembered what she had said. He told Park Qicai that from now on, don’t think about winning or losing, just treat this stage as a place to show your abilities, and you can do it well.

At this time, Wu Xian came up with the wind chime, ready to release a big move to completely defeat Park Qicai. After hearing the music played by the Friday string, Quan Hee-jung and everyone were taken aback. Friday string was indeed a genius. She actually used physics and sound resonance so well that everyone thought it was too difficult to beat her. Up.

Unexpectedly, Park Qicai repeatedly thought about Quan Hee Jung’s words, and suddenly found inspiration. She perfectly copied the tune of Friday string, which made everyone present renew their understanding of Park Qicai. After the smooth performance, the audience burst into thunderous applause. Park Qicai was very surprised that she actually won the Friday string. Unexpectedly, the result of the judging was that Friday string was the winner, but Park Qicai won the public’s recognition of her, which made her very satisfied.

After the game, Park Qicai and Kwon Hee were punished to run on the playground. Park Qicai said that if it hadn’t been for temporarily changing the tune, he would probably not lose, but when he was playing, the scene of the previous two ensemble suddenly sounded, so he changed the tune temporarily.

But after this incident, Park Qi Cai felt that she didn’t dislike Quan Hee Jung so much, and even liked him a little bit. Early the next morning, several older brothers prepared breakfast early, but they didn’t see Pu Qicai coming out for dinner. They went to her room and found that she had already gone out by herself. It turned out that in order to take care of the sick Quan Hee-jung, Park Qicai bought a lot of vegetables and came to Quan Hee-jung’s house to cook for him.

Seeing Quan Xizheng at home alone, Park Qicai also officially began to release herself. Quanxi was telling her that she was going to write a song, leaving her alone to figure it out. Park Qicai, who didn’t want to be careless, forgot that she was cooking, cooked the rice, and threw the music score that Quan Hee Jung had just written as waste paper in the trash can. Kwon Hee came to the kitchen with anger and yelled at Park Qicai so that she could not cook and not do it.

Cha Yun-hyun in the bar thought about Kwon Hee’s cold attitude towards Park Chi-chae before, and was very upset. He was full of disdain when watching other girls reading the love story book between Kwon-hee-jeong and Park Chi-chae. I just don’t know how well Park Qicai is, and only oneself is the one who really knows how to appreciate Park Qicai.

In order to make up for the merits, Park Qicai took the initiative to help Quan Xizheng clean up the house. Quan Xi was watching him clean up and ignored her. Seeing him walk out of the room, Park Qicai wanted to enter his bedroom to help him clean the bedroom, but accidentally wrote Kwon Hee-jung’s music for a whole day so that the wind blew out of the window and floated into the river along the wind, Kwon Hee Watching the score being blown away, there was nothing he could do, regretful in his heart.

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