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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 3 Recap

Park Jaeyu went home and asked Park Jaegong . He felt that Lin Yi didn’t usually laugh, and asked him if Lin Yi had something on his mind. Park Zaigong said, as long as Lin Yi can make up his mathematics, isn’t it enough? And I only know that Lin Yi has been extremely cold since he was in school, he is not very talkative, and has no friends.

Park Qicai and He Yuanzhu were chatting as they walked, just when she saw a dog that could play the piano on her mobile phone, she smiled and said that a dog is better than herself. At this moment, Quan Xi just passed by the two of them and couldn’t help snorting coldly. Park Qicai became unhappy when she heard that, she stopped Quan Xizheng and asked if he was laughing at herself. Quan Hee was saying that he was not laughing at her, but a puppy. When Park Qicai heard that he indirectly scolded herself, she couldn’t help being angry and told He Yuanzhu that she should go eat something first.

Cha Yunxian came to the classroom and asked Quan Hee Jung if he had seen Park Qicai. Park Qicai, who came back from eating, was really late. Director Kong looked serious on the podium and asked Park Qicai to go to the stage to wipe the blackboard. Cha Yunxian couldn’t bear to see her being punished, so he took the initiative to help her wipe it. After class, he asked Park Qicai why he was so sensitive to rhythm, and said that she was thanks to her for the bar. Park Qicai then came to the piano room, looked at the empty piano room, and left with a little disappointment.

Park Qicai was on the way to the Peach Heart Party by bus. She accidentally fell asleep, but the car broke down. When she woke up and got off to change the car, the bus had already driven away. Lin Yi tutored Park Jaeyu again. Park Jaeyu was in a bad state and couldn’t solve the exercises. Lin Yi said that he would come to tutor him again next week. Park Qicai accidentally ran into Quan Hee-jung at the Taoxin party, but because the other party was wearing a mask, she didn’t even recognize him.

But Quan Xizheng had recognized her when she went to the bathroom to change clothes, so he didn’t talk to her. However, Park Qicai looked at Quan Xizheng who was playing seriously, and she seemed to have a trace of worship in her heart. She took the initiative to walk up to greet the other party, and also actively invited him to play a song with herself. After the performance, Park Qicai learned that this man was also a freshman at Shengjia Boli University, full of curiosity, and opened his mask. Seeing that the other party turned out to be Quan Xizheng, she rushed out angrily.

Quan Xi was walking behind with her when a thunderstorm started. He saw that Park Qicai dared to call in the rain during the thunderstorm and asked her why she was joking with her life. Park Qicai yelled and asked him why he didn’t want to believe that his hand was accidentally injured. She was not the kind of person who intentionally hurt her in order to avoid practicing. After Kwon Hee Jung’s persuasion and encouragement, Park Qicai said that she had formally decided to participate in this competition, so that Kwon Hee was able to coach herself.

He Yuanzhu came to the piano room excitedly and told Park Qicai that her opponent was actually the piano goddess Wu Xian. After Piao Qicai heard this, she instantly lost her fighting spirit. They deliberately came outside the piano room to see how Friday strings practiced and learned that she was extremely sensitive to rhythm and very talented. Park Qicai’s training suddenly became difficult. Fortunately, with the guidance of Quan Xizheng, no matter how difficult the song is, it becomes easier in Park Qicai’s hands.

After Park Jae-yu did not hesitate to finish again, he invited Lin Yi to watch the piano competition with him, but he did not expect Lin Yi to agree with one bit. The day of the game came soon. After hearing the music played by Friday string, Park Qi Cai became even more unconfident. She almost regarded Park Qi Cai as her touchstone for defeating Quan Hee Jung. However, Park Qicai bit his scalp and stepped onto the court, playing tremblingly. Quan Xizheng knew very well that if there were no miracles in the next round, Friday Xian would have won.

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