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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 2 Recap

Park Qicai told Quan Hee-jung that his number one fan Yao Yao focuses on collecting ugly photos of himself, as well as the school journalist Yu Xingxing and Yao Beibei, one of the bloggers who runs the school’s largest gossip forum. As long as these people clearly know that there is no relationship between the two people, the news will spread throughout the school in less than an hour, and the rumors will be self-defeating. They came to the sorority together and explained to the classmates that what happened in the rehearsal hall that day was an accident, and they had just met her that day. Unexpectedly, several elder brothers were all on the scene, they came out to Quan Xizheng, hoping that he would not mind, Park Qicai was used to being spoiled at home.

These words made everyone’s misunderstanding even deeper. They all thought that she and Quan Hee had met their parents and were about to get married. At this time, Director Kong came out and said that he had just returned from a business trip, and he had heard that Quan Hee had revealed the hero list, and he was very happy. Kwon Hee Jung said that he did not reveal the list by himself, but that Park Qi Cai revealed that he could also be on the list. Director Kong said that anyway, the name of Quan Xizheng is written on the hero list, and he must be the only one to be listed. Quan Xizheng had no way to refuse, so he said that he needed a partner, and he wanted Park Qicai.

Director Kong deliberately gave an order to the two people and asked them to rehearse well, so that they must not shame the freshman. Quan Xi stopped Park Qicai after class and said that he would train her. Although Park Qicai was unhappy, there was still no way to ignore him. They came to the front of the piano, and Quan Xi was asking Park Qicai to play a piece for himself to listen to. Park Jae Yu walking on the road, the Park Palace in exaggerated people stand to the car, the Park Palace said Park Jae Yu father prepared to allow minor financial future of the Park family candy store handed to him.

Park Jaeyu looked surprised, saying why he had to do it by himself, and that he was so poor in math that he couldn’t even pass the exam. Park Jae-gong said that he had even selected a tuition teacher for him. Quan Xi was formulating a detailed training plan for her based on Park Qicai’s playing level. Park Qicai was very upset when she saw that all her rest time was taken up. Quan Xizheng said that he has never lost since childhood, so he must not lose this time.

Park Jae-yu, who was training, received a phone call from Park Jae-gong, saying that he had arranged a math tuition teacher to meet him at the school. Park Jae-yu hurried out. He ran into a girl as soon as he went out. He looked intently, and it turned out that it was the girl he had been looking for before, and he did not expect to be his tuition teacher.

Under the supervision of Quan Hee-jung, Park Qicai practiced the piano every day in the piano room, which made her hard to tell. He Yuanzhu saw a performance of Cha Yunxian in the newspaper column , and she found Park Qicai to accompany her to watch it. Park Qicai wanted to go too, but she knew that Quan Xizheng would definitely not agree, and He Yuanzhu said that she had a way to get him to agree.

Park Jae-yu told his tuition teacher Lin Yi that he didn’t know that she was tutoring him, but he thought it was where the female doctor was. He said he would not let her down. Park Qicai and He Yuanzhu asked for help from various gods on the Internet, saying that they were going to watch a show, but there was someone who kept blocking themselves and how to get rid of him. Soon someone came out to reply to her and asked her to hurt her hand, so she went to the show first. Park Qi Cai was about to reply, and was suddenly kicked out of the group. It turned out that the owner of this group was Quan Hee Jung.

After Park Jae-woo returned home, he was very happy and told Park Jae-gong that he really liked the tuition teacher he found for him. After Park Qicai went to see the performance, Quan Heezheng came to the piano room alone, but couldn’t play the piano. He took out his cell phone to call Park Qicai.

Park Qicai hung up the call without answering, but suddenly encountered a disturbance at the scene. Park Qicai went up to the frame and scratched her hand. Unexpectedly, he found inspiration from the sound of falling bottles at the scene, and stepped onto the stage to play a piece of music, and the performance started again. Unexpectedly, Quan Xizheng came to the scene, and Park Qicai quickly explained that he was injured. Quanxi thought she could hurt herself in order to avoid practicing piano, and was very angry, and the two had a big fight.

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