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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 1 Recap

At 7 o’clock in the morning, Quan Xizheng and Park Qicai each woke up to the sound of an alarm clock. Today is the day when their university starts. The two quickly packed up and prepared to go out. Park Qicai quietly walked to the living room, saw the empty room, and said happily that it was perfect. As soon as she finished speaking, she was surrounded by a group of people and sprayed a lot of fireworks, wishing her a happy start of school.

It turns out that these people are Park Qicai’s eldest brother, Park Jae-gong , who is an outdated idol star, his second brother, Park Jae-shang, is a racer, and his third brother, Park Jae-joo, is a senior and the most virtuous person in the family. , The fourth brother Park Zaizheng, a junior, aspires to be a novelist, and finally his fifth brother Park Zaiyu , about the same age as himself. Several older brothers are going to give her a special opening ceremony on the opening day of Pu Qicai. Although Park Qicai has finally been admitted to the Conservatory of Shengjia Boli University, she thinks she can get rid of these older brothers and is determined not to be with them. Going to school, it still backfired.

Park Jae-gong said that if she is a big star sending her to school, there will definitely be many fans, so she should be happy. Park Jae-shang also said that the person in the family who had the least hope of getting admitted to university finally got admitted to university. This is a great thing. After talking about a few older brothers, Park Qicai’s mother, as a well-known musician, always said that a few children are her most precious wealth, and that the four older brothers were all adopted, and the big family lived in harmony.

Unexpectedly, on the day that Park Qicai and Park Zaeyu finished their college entrance examinations, the couple went on a trip around the world and handed over the family to a few brothers and sisters. Although none of the brothers and sisters were born, their relationship was better than their relatives.

Park Qicai went out with the elder brothers, and Quan Hee was going to school at the same time. He told the driver that there would be traffic jams on the usual roads during the school season today, so he recommended a shorter road to the driver. The car of Park Qicai and his party was blocked by two cars that had an accident at the intersection. Park got off to check at the car and was recognized by a female fan. They had to take a photo with him. Park Qicai sneaked away while several older brothers were not paying attention. gone.

At this time, Quan Xizheng also arrived here. Seeing that the traffic jam was serious, he decided to get off and walk. He found a shared bicycle, but was snatched away by Park Qicai, who rushed forward. Park Qicai rushed to the school gate by bike, and his best friend He Yuanzhu had already been waiting for her at the school gate. The two were happy to sign in. As soon as he walked into the elevator, Quan Xizheng also walked in, thinking in his heart why it was this girl again. He Yuanzhu told her that fortunately she had arrived in time, otherwise she would not be able to catch up with the opening speech of the piano prince Quan Xizheng. Park Qicai disapproved, saying that she might as well thank the person who gave her car just now, thanks to him.

The school opening ceremony soon began. Quan Xizheng’s clothes were messed up by Park Qicai, so he quickly found a storage room to change his clothes. Unexpectedly, Park Qicai broke in by mistake and saw Quan Hee-jung who was changing clothes. Park Qicai was about to leave when she saw it, but she didn’t want the door lock to break, and both of them could not get out. Park Qicai heard that Quan Hee Jung was on the stage to give a speech on the radio, and that Quan Hee Jung was late on the first day.

It was too much. Quan Xizheng was a little angry. He said to Park Qicai that he had met her three times today, and all three times were unlucky. He was the same Quan Xizheng in her mouth. While talking, a scene of the two suddenly appeared on the big screen at the ceremony, and Director Kong quickly rushed to the storage room. Quan Xi was standing up and explaining that he was late for his own reasons, not to blame Park Qicai.

When returning home in the evening, Park Qicai’s parents read the news and thought she and Quan Hee were in a relationship, and asked her brothers to give her a good check. The classmates also began to discuss whether the two people are really in love. Park Qicai came to the classroom and walked to Quan Hee Jung’s side, saying that they were being discussed by the whole school. She asked Quan Xizheng if he could stand up and help herself clarify, saying that there is no relationship between the two. Quan Xizheng said that such rumors will be self-defeating and there is no need for explanation.

The affairs of Park Qicai and Quan Hee Jung were seen by others, and someone wanted to take her ugly photos in private. After Park Qicai knew about it, he took the initiative to ask He Yuanzhu to pull herself into the group and sent a photo by herself. Park Qicai and He Wonsu walked out of the classroom and saw the hero post in the newspaper. She made her own way to help Quan Hee Jung expose the hero post and go back, forcing Quan Hee Jung to agree to help her clarify.

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