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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 40 Recap

Yu Sifeng asked him what he wanted him to do, and Yuen Long said that he wanted him to go to the Demon Realm once to rescue Wu Zhiqi . Yuen Long said that the reason why humans and demons are enemies is because they are evenly matched. But if they become bigger and stronger, they will not dare to hate them. Yu Sifeng said that there are many crises in the Demon Realm, and he just wants him to die. Yu Sifeng told him to get out, and Yuen Long left.

Yu Sifeng told Elder Luo that now the Tianxu Hall is so powerful that we have to seek perfection and preserve our strength. He now knows Yuen Long’s plan. Give him some time, and he will surely protect the Golden Red Birds. Yuen Long killed a disciple in Lize Palace with a magical instrument that looked like a pill furnace. Yuen Long refined a magical instrument that could restrain the god of war. Yuen Long also wanted to control the evil spirit by reviving the evil spirit. If Yu wanted to see his sister, Yuen Long asked him to stare at Chu Xuanji.

Liu Yihuan came to Lize Palace, and Elder Luo took him to see Yu Sifeng. Liu Yihuan told Yu Sifeng that Chu Xuanji would like to meet Yu Sifeng tomorrow, and he was here to tell him. Chu Xuanji kept staring at the hairpin, and a disciple sent a letter to Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji rushed to the place they agreed, and Yu Sifeng and the others were waiting for Chu Xuanji’s arrival. Chu Xuanji met with Yu Sifeng, Yu Sifeng said that in fact he always wanted to tell him the truth, but she didn’t expect to be known so early.

Yu Sifeng said that he would never lie to her in the future, and Chu Xuanji asked him if he knew anything about Yuen Long, whether it was involved in it. Yu Sifeng said that he had never been involved in it, and he had only recently learned about these things. Yu Sifeng asked her if she believed her, and Chu Xuanji said he believed. Chu Xuanji said that she believed it, but it didn’t mean that everything was solved.

She saw her mother was killed by the golden red bird. Yu Sifeng told her that it was Yuen Long who was killing her mother. Yuen Long said it himself. Yu Sifeng said that he would find the truth, but he wanted to protect the Golden Red Birds and he would change them. Yu Sifeng said that if he defeated Tianxu Hall and regained Lize Palace, he would give an explanation to each of the Xianmen. Chu Xuanji said she had to think about it, and then left.

Chu Linglong went to buy cloth, but was made things difficult by some immortal disciples. Zhong Minyan rushed over and beat them up. Chu Linglong ran back to the yard. Chu Linglong said that Wutong was in her head and couldn’t hide. Chu Linglong looked at Zhong Minyan who was sleeping, and unless she died, she would not be able to get rid of it in this life.

Zhong Minyan found that Chu Linglong was missing, and told Chu Headmaster that Chu Headmaster quickly sent someone to find Chu Linglong. Chu Linglong was by the river, stuck her sword into the ground, and then walked into the river by herself, Chu Linglong wanted to commit suicide. Zhong Minyan finally arrived and pulled her out. Zhong Minyan said she was so worthy of all the people who saved her.

Zhong Min said that if she wanted to die, he would not live anymore. Haochen found Teng She and asked him where Chu Xuanji had gone. Teng She told him that Chu Xuanji was in Qingmu Town. The purple fox and Liu Yihuan were arguing, and Liu Yihuan said that Tianxu Hall had already obtained four spirit spoons. Purple Fox thought in his heart that he must find a way to rescue the spirit key. Haochen appeared next to Chu Xuanji and asked her that she must have come to see Yu Sifeng, and said that Yu Sifeng had deceived Chu Xuanji for so long.

Chu Xuanji said that Yu Sifeng was a demon, but he never harmed anyone. Hao Chen asked her to stop, saying that he would make a break with Yu Sifeng. Chu Xuanji blocked Hao Chen. Hao Chen said that Chu Linglong had something wrong. Chu Xuanji asked her what was going on, and Hao Chen told him that it was all right. Chu Xuanji went back to find Chu Linglong, Chu Linglong had figured it out, she wanted Wutong to take revenge. Chu Linglong said that there is nothing good for anyone who has a relationship with a demon, and Chu Xuanji said that Yu Sifeng really didn’t hurt the nature and reason. If he harmed others, I would not spare him.

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