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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 37 Recap

They discovered that the person fighting with Chu Xuanji was the lord of Lize Palace, who was holding Lize Palace and several other parties. Teng Snake and Chu Xuanji were trapped by the spirit beast of Palace Master Lize, and Teng Snake said they could not get out. The spirit beast attacked them, and within it, the strength of the spirit beast greatly increased. The two sides started fighting, Yuen Long sacrificed the purple fox , their magic weapon was dirty, Yuen Long broke the formation, and the purple fox took the opportunity to run away.

The two sides began to scuffle, Chu Xuanji and the others were still fighting with the spirit beast, Teng She said that Chu Xuanji could not use the nine-day profound fire, and could not win it at all. Teng She asked Chu Xuanji to run, Chu Xuanji said that they would advance and retreat together. Yu Sifeng was still trapped in the same place, Xiao Yinhua sneaked up to him and helped Yu Sifeng knot the rope, but she was trapped, and Yu Sifeng cast a spell on her to ensure her safety.

Yuen Long found Chalcedony and asked his disciple to leave with him. A disciple asked if he wanted to reunite with the palace lord. Yuen Long said that he had settled the major issue of leaving Ze Palace. As for his personal affairs, he would settle it himself. Yuen Long led the people to leave, and the disciple went back and told the palace lord that the deputy palace lord had left. The palace lord asked him about the millennium chalcedony. The disciple said that the deputy palace lord asked him to get it by himself. The palace lord took people to find the chalcedony. Yu Sifeng saw it and followed. Chu Xuanji broke the mist of spirit beasts and came to reality. The spirit beast bit at Chu Xuanji and was killed by Chu Xuanji with a sword.

Chu Xuanji looked at the disciple lying down on the ground, and Chu Linglong told her that this was done by Lize Gong. Yu Sifeng stopped Master and asked him what he wanted to do. The palace owner said that once he took the shot, there would be no turning back. Yu Sifeng asked him what was the relationship between Lize Palace and Tianxu Hall, and the palace owner said that he didn’t care what the relationship was. As long as Haofeng was resurrected, he wanted to avenge Yu Sifengniang. The palace lord told Yu Sifeng that Haofeng was his mother. The palace lord is his master and his father. The palace lord told him that he and Haofeng could resurrect Haofeng.

The disciples of Lize Palace told the palace lord that they had suffered heavy losses and had already forced them back. Yu Sifeng wanted to explain, but it didn’t work at all. Wings grow out of the palace lord’s back, and the other disciples do the same. Their skills have greatly increased and they are fighting with the decent of the immortals. The immortal gate fell into the wind, and Palace Master Lize put them under a lot of pressure. The immortal door was too low to stop, and Yu Sifeng blocked the palace owner. Chu Xuanji rushed over, and Hao Chen said that Yu Sifeng was a demon.

Chu Xuanji didn’t believe he was a demon, and asked if Yu Sifeng lied to her. Yu Sifeng said I’m sorry, he is not a monster of Tianxutang. Chu Xuanji couldn’t believe it. Chu Xuanji was very entangled in the palace lord of Lize and said, what’s wrong with the demon, can’t you be with people? Haochen made Chu Xuanji sober, and the head of Chu asked them to take them down. Yu Sifeng did not resist, Chu Xuanji told them not to hurt Yu Sifeng.

Chu Xuanji was very sad, and Hao Chen also said that her mother was killed by the Golden Red Bird Demon. The lord of Lize Palace said that he killed Chu Xuanji’s mother, and Yu Sifeng asked her to listen to him explain. Chu Xuanji wanted to avenge her mother, and the palace lord absorbed the true energy of the people around him, and Yu Sifeng told Master not to kill anymore. Chu Xuanji wanted to do something to him, but Yu Sifeng blocked her and was injured. Yu Sifeng said that he would not let the palace owner kill. Yu Sifeng grew wings behind his back, interrupting the palace owner’s spellcasting. Those immortal disciples concentrated their efforts on Yu Sifeng’s back, and Yu Sifeng was seriously injured. ,

The palace lord took him away. The palace lord healed Yu Sifeng, and Yu Sifeng asked the palace lord to leave as soon as possible. He wanted to find Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji found Yu Sifeng, and Chu Xuanji said that all this was because of the palace lord, and she wanted to kill him. Yu Sifeng was afraid that the palace owner would hurt her, so Chu Xuanji left as soon as possible. Miyaji wind took Yu Division, Wu Tong to find and fight off Ze Gong disciples Xuanji Chu, wanted her arrested, Zhong Min Yan and Wu Chu exquisite deal with children, but not his opponent, Chu Xuanji trapped.

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