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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 38 Recap

Head Chu, they knew about Chu Xuanji, a disciple told Head Chu that Wu Tong personally brought the people from Tianxu Hall to attack, Chu Linglong and Zhong Minyan were surrounded. When Chu Xuanji heard Wu Tong coming again, she was very angry that she was going to kill these monsters.

Chu Xuanji’s War God armor possessed him, and instantly came to Chu Linglong and the others, and then rescued Chu Linglong. Head Chu and they arrived, and Hao Chen knew that Chu Xuanji’s power of war god had awakened. Chu Xuanji wanted to make Wutong a dead end. Wutong knew that Chu Xuanji was the God of War, and had already prepared for it. He was not so afraid of the power of the gods.

Chu Xuanji said that he didn’t expect that the things she used before were now used by him to deal with him. Chu Xuanji wanted all the demons to die without a place to bury her. She summoned the Nine Heavens Profound Fire, and Wu Tong let the people of Tianxu Hall line up to resist. But to no avail, they hid in the cave. Wu Tong asked the people of Tianxu Hall to retreat, and he also hurriedly left. Hao Chen came to Chu Xuanji and wanted her to stop. With Hao Chen’s efforts, Chu Xuanji finally stopped. Chu Xuanji fainted, Chu Linglong and the others rushed over to check Chu Xuanji’s situation, and Haochen said it was OK.

Chu Xuanji had a nightmare, shouting Yu Sifeng all the time. Chu Xuanji finally woke up. Hao Chen said that the monster clan was cunning and unbelievable, and they all lied to her. Yu Sifeng had never been honest with Chu Xuanji. Everything he did was to use Chu Xuanji. Hao Chen asked her to rest well, and he went out first. Chu Xuanji was very worried about Yu Sifeng. Chu Linglong found her, held them together, and Chu Linglong told her not to think so much. Chu Xuanji asked Chu Linglong if Yu Sifeng was sincere to him. Zhong Min said how many times Yu Sifeng was born and died with them.

Chu Xuanji said that he must find Yu Sifeng, and he must ask clearly. Chu Xuanji went to see the head of Chu and them, Lord Ronggu said that their last spirit key had been taken by the Tianxu Hall, and begged Chu Xuanji to lead the demon and kill the demons. Chu Xuanji was unwilling to let them find someone else. The head of Chu also knelt down to beg her, but suddenly he vomited blood, and Chu Xuanji asked Teng She to come and have a look. Teng She easily healed the head of Chu, and Chu Xuanji let him rest. They forced Chu Xuanji to lead the integrity and slay demons and demons. Chu Xuanji had no choice but to agree to their request.

In Lize, the palace lord was healing Yu Sifeng. The palace lord asked him if he was better, and gave him the antidote to his lover’s curse and let him take the antidote. He would forget Chu Xuanji after taking the medicine. Yu Sifeng said he could not take it, and he didn’t want to forget it either. Yu Sifeng asked him if Chu Xuanji’s mother was really he killed. The palace owner said who told this woman to be nosy and want to take Haofeng away.

The palace lord took Yu Sifeng to see his mother, and Yu Sifeng asked him why he didn’t tell him. The palace owner said that he would tell him when she was resurrected, so that their family could be reunited. The palace lord told Yu Sifeng that he met and fell in love with Haofeng. Yuen Long lit Dan Ya and told the palace lord that he would change the palace lord. Yuen Long didn’t want him to continue to be the lord of the palace, and the lord said that he didn’t want to be anymore. The palace owner asked Yu Sifeng to be the palace owner, but Yuen Long disagreed, saying that he was not qualified to be the palace owner.

The palace owner pinched Yuen Long’s neck, and Yuen Long asked the palace owner what he wanted to do after he abdicated. The palace owner said that he would return to the forest with Haofeng. Yuen Long laughed, and the palace lord fought with the deputy palace lord, but the palace lord could not defeat the deputy palace lord. Yuen Long said that the palace owner said that Haofeng was in love with him, but she didn’t know that her love for you stayed before the demon.

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