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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 36 Recap

After the Shaoyang Sect disciples assembled, the head of Chu was ready to take them out. Chu Linglong and Zhong Minyan came and said that the enemy is now, although they are not disciples of the Shaoyang School, they can do their best. Zhong Min said that he and Chu Linglong have been entangled with the people of Tianxu Hall for so long, knowing each other and knowing each other. Seeing that he said this, the head of Chu also agreed with them to go to the Zanhua Conference and let them go to the Valley of Eyes with them, but be sure not to act recklessly. They came to the Dotting Valley, and Chu Xuanji thought the Dotting Valley was very beautiful.

Lord Rong Gu came to meet the head of Chu, and people from other schools also came. Teng She couldn’t wait any longer. Why did Master Rong Gu talk so much, and couldn’t eat. Lord Rong Gu said that he had prepared food and drinks and let them sit in. At this time, the head of Chu said that there was something he wanted to take a step to talk about. Teng She ate the chicken legs, and then accidentally threw the bones on the disciple of Dianjinggu, and there was a conflict. Chu Xuanji went to explain to them.

When Lize Palace arrived, Yu Sifeng rushed over to visit his master. Yu Sifeng knelt in front of the palace owner . The palace owner said that they were cunning by nature and had never treated them kindly. Yu Sifeng said that the few friends he made had never harmed him, so he was relieved. The palace owner asked Yu Sifeng if he dared to tell Chu Xuanji his identity, and Yu Sifeng said that he would tell her when he found the right opportunity. The palace lord told him not to regret and leave as soon as possible. Yu Sifeng still has something to ask him, whether the death of Chu Xuanji’s mother is related to them. The palace owner said that they left Ze Palace to kill too many people. The palace lord asked Yu Sifeng to leave Chu Xuanji earlier, and Yu Sifeng said he wanted to give her an explanation. Hao Chen and the others are discussing finding out the spies of Tianxu Hall.

Yu Sifeng told Chu Xuanji that he had to deal with some things personally. If she heard or saw something, don’t be surprised. Chu Xuanji said that when he caught the demon in Dotting Valley, he went to Lize Palace to intercede with the palace lord. Hao Chen finally discovered that Yu Sifeng was a demon, and found evidence. Yuen Long took the Earth Wolf to open the secret room of Dianjing Valley, and then went in. They found something wrong, there was nothing inside. Suddenly the sleepy monster formation inside trapped the Earth Wolf, and the Earth Wolf asked Yuen Long to leave as soon as possible. Head Chu and they came in, wanting to inquire about the situation. But the earth wolf blew himself up and died in smoke. They want to reinforce the formation, together with several persons in charge.

The head of Chu and the others knew that the deputy master of Lize Palace was a demon, and Hao Chen took out the red feather bird feathers and said that Yu Sifeng was also a demon. Hao Chen said that this Yu Sifeng might have approached Chu Xuanji intentionally, and they also suspected that Lize Palace was a monster nest. They discussed how to trap the disciples of Lize Palace quietly. Xiao Yinhua found that something was wrong, and Yu Sifeng found that the people leaving Ze Palace seemed to have something to do. Yu Sifeng found the lord of the palace and asked him what he wanted to do when leaving Ze Palace. The palace master said that it was time to make a settlement with them, they killed Haofeng and prevented Haofeng from marrying him, he wanted them to regret.

Yu Sifeng asked him who Haofeng was, and the palace owner told him that it was Haofeng of Dotting Valley. Over the years, he tried his best to bring Haofeng back to life. This time, he just had to kill them all and grab the Millennium Stone of Dotting Valley. Marrow can bring Haofeng back to life. Yu Sifeng said that if Shi Niang knew that he had killed all the disciples in Dotting Valley, she would be very sad. The palace lord did not listen to Yu Sifeng, Yu Sifeng said that he would never let Lize Palace go on a slaughter.

Yu Sifeng trapped the palace lord and the deputy palace lord, and didn’t want them to kill. Yu Sifeng wanted to leave the Zegong disciples to withdraw from the hairpin conference. He went to discuss with Lord Ronggu about quitting the hairpin conference. Yu Sifeng told him about resigning, but Yu Sifeng was caught by them. Hao Chen pinched Yu Sifeng, and Yu Sifeng said that he could solve the matter. The lord of Lize Palace and the others have been out of trouble, and the hairpin conference has begun. Chu Xuanji competed with the disciples of Lize Palace, but Lize Palace disciples’ moves were all ultimate moves. The head of Chu rescued Chu Xuanji, but was blocked by the Lize Palace Lord.

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