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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 34 Recap

The flower demon wore her own clothes and made Wutong look at her. Wutong was very angry, and she asked the Flower Fairy where Linglong had been brought. Wutong didn’t say much to the flower demon, and killed the flower demon. The spirit beast of the head of Chu found the demon whip fragments near Buzhou Mountain, so the demon of the Tianxu Hall was hidden in the four elders.

A disciple reported to the head of Chu that Chu Xuanji and the others had returned with Zhong Minyan , and head of Chu came out to see them. Zhong Minyan knelt down for him, and Chu Xuanji said that Zhong Minyan entered the Tianxu Hall for the sake of the exquisite soul. The head of Chu took the soul and put it into Chu Linglong’s body. Chu Linglong finally came back and she woke up.

Chu Linglong asked Zhong Minyan where he was there, and Chu Xuanji said that she had cooked something for her. The head of Chu went to ask Zhong Minyan. Zhong Minyan said that it was his order to get into the Tianxu Hall, and Hao Chen asked him to tell the story of this period of time. However, the head of Chu did not give him these orders.

Hao Chen said that the wolf in the Tianxu Hall had deceived everyone, and Zhong Min said that he might have been deceived. Hao Chen asked him where the spirit key was. Hao Chen said that he had already obtained the spirit key, but they were chased by the people from the Tianxu Hall, and Ruoyu was forced to jump off the cliff. Head Chu asked Zhong Minyan to lock up.

Ruoyu got the spirit key and gave it to Yuen Long, and asked him to continue with Yu Sifeng and the others, and wanted to take the opportunity to kill Yu Sifeng. Yuen Long asked Ruoyu to meet his sister and told her that she would definitely take her back. An accident occurred in the secret realm of the Shaoyang School, and a crack opened, and Hao Chen and the others rushed over.

The peak master of Xuyang Peak said that Chu Xuanji would marry Haochen and practice sentimental decision together, but Chu Xuanji was unwilling. Teng Snake found Chu Xuanji, Haochen and the others asked who Teng Snake was, and Chu Xuanji told them that Teng Snake was her beast and friend. Teng Snake said that he was a god in the sky. The head of Chu and the others did not believe it. Teng Snake said that their enchantment was created by him and the four spirit beasts at that time. The head of Chu thought that Teng She was bragging and told Teng She to leave quickly.

Seeing that they didn’t believe in his strength, Teng She said that they must let them take a look at him. Teng She easily repaired the cracks in the secret realm. Head Chu also believed that Teng Snake was a god, and wanted him to help resist the Tianxu Hall. Si Ming came to report to Hao Chen, and Hao Chen asked him if he could let Teng She leave, but Si Ming had no choice. Si Ming also told him that God of War’s life pillar could no longer be suppressed. Chu Xuanji went to Chu Linglong, and Chu Linglong asked him what was going on. Chu Linglong looked at the sweet-scented osmanthus cake and remembered some of her things in the body of the flower demon. She wanted to stay alone for a while and let Chu Xuanji leave.

Teng She sneaked into Chu Linglong’s room to eat sweet-scented osmanthus cake, and Chu Linglong asked him if he knew anything. Teng She told him that Zhong Minyan went to the Tianxu Hall as an undercover agent and killed the second brother. Chu Linglong remembered that it was she who gave the poisonous osmanthus cake to the second senior brother, which poisoned him.

Chu Xuanji and the others went to see Zhong Minyan and brought him warm meals. Zhong Minyan didn’t see Chu Linglong, he didn’t know that Chu Linglong was secretly watching him behind. Zhong Minyan said that the only thing he was sorry for was the second brother. Zhong Minyan took care of the killing of the second brother by himself, and asked Chu Xuanji to tell Chu Linglong. In fact, he had been lying to her and asked her to find a better person.

He committed the crime. A big mistake, she can no longer like her, let her take care of herself, as long as Chu Linglong is happy in the future, it is enough. Chu Linglong listened secretly behind them, crying sadly, Teng She appeared behind her and asked her why she didn’t look. Chu Linglong said that she was sorry for Zhong Minyan, she had done so many bad things in Tianxu Hall. A disciple passed orders and Zhong Minyan was to be tried.

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