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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 33 Recap

Yu Sifeng passed Teng Snake God Lord and prepared something to eat. Teng Snake said that he had nothing to do with his hospitality, and there must be something wrong. Yu Sifeng said what was going on with the god of war and the emperor, and Teng She said that the whole heaven was spread like that, so he had to believe it. Yu Sifeng said that because of love and hatred, he felt that God of War was not such a person. Chu Xuanji was still unlocking the Luban lock that Sifeng Yu gave him, but she couldn’t unlock it. Hao Chen used Yu Sifeng’s hair to test, but there was no response.

Could it be that he guessed wrong. Hao Chen said that when he started with the demon that day, he found something in him, he still wanted to go to Zhoushan to take a look. The head of Chu said that he was injured, it is better to let his spirit beast take a look. A disciple reported to the head of Chu that Zhong Minyan brought the people from Tianxu Hall. When the head of Chu saw him, Zhong Minyan was scolded by the head of Chu. Zhong Min said that he did not come this time to forgive, he came to represent Tianxu Hall this time, and they only got half of the soul.

The people in Tianxu Hall asked Zhong Minyan to finish the matter explained by the altar master as soon as possible. They attacked Tianxu Hall and found that there was the second brother in the box. Zhong Minyan didn’t know what was going on, so he explained it to the head of Chu. The head of Chu wanted to do something on Zhong Minyan, and Ruoyu took Zhong Minyan away. Zhong Minyan blamed himself very much, thinking that he killed the second brother. Ruoyu cheered Zhong Minyan so that Linglong could be saved.

Chu Xuanji learned about Zhong Minyan, they didn’t believe Zhong Minyan would kill the second brother. Chu Xuanji’s father’s spirit beast sent a letter to Chu Xuanji, saying that they should return to the Shaoyang faction earlier, and that Chu Linglong ‘s soul was only half. Chu Xuanji told Teng She that he could definitely go to Wu Zhou Mountain, and Teng She said that she could go, but she was now a mortal and his strength was limited. However, Yu Sifeng said that he should be able to summon the other half of the soul with the soul of Linglong, and they immediately returned to Shaoyang. Zhong Minyan returned to Wutong , who already knew about them.

Under Linglong’s persecution, Zhong Minyan knew that she was not the same Linglong she used to be. She returned to the place where she had suffered, and remembered the past. Chu Xuanji and the others returned to the Shaoyang faction, and they asked Teng She to quickly retrieve the exquisite soul, but tried several times to no avail. Teng She said this shouldn’t be, unless her sister’s soul is trapped by another body. Teng She was going to see the other half of the soul through the soul. Chu Xuanji told Zhong Minyan what happened. Teng She drew a talisman for Zhong Minyan. As long as she took out the soul-inducing bell, he could find him.

Zhong Minyan discussed with Linglong, and she helped to get the Yinhunling so that she could restore her former appearance. Teng She took them to the outside of Bu Zhou Mountain, Linglong secretly got the Yinhun Bell, and married Zhong Minyan and the others. Teng Snake started to cast the spell, preparing to separate the Linglong Yuanshen from the Flower Fairy, and the Yuanshen was taken out by them. However, the flower demon has not recovered immediately.

Ruoyu is going to use the flower demon to get the spirit key, but Zhong Min said that this is not something that a decent person should do. Ruoyu said such a good opportunity, if he does not go to the spirit key, he will not be able to complete it. For the task assigned to him by the head of Chu, Zhong Min said that he had no choice but to listen to Ruoyu. They controlled the flower demon to get the spirit key, but only got the dragon seal. Zhong Minyan and they were discovered by the people in Tianxu Hall, Ruoyu went to lead them away, let Zhong Minyan go first. Ruoyu was knocked off the cliff by them, and Teng She finally came to Zhong Minyan’s side. Zhong Minyan told them that Ruoyu had been knocked off the cliff by them and asked them to save him as soon as possible.

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