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I Don’t Want To Run 花开有晴天 Episode 6 Recap

In the director’s office, Li Suhang wanted to give Xiang Qing some comfort. Outside the office, Liu Yue asked Xiang Qing to relax. Huang Zixuan said that there was a delicious chicken soup for everyone to go together. Xiang Qing said that she still had work and would not go. Liu Yue accompanied Xiang Qing. At this time, Zi Yi called and said that there was something wrong with the gallery. Liu Yue rushed over, and Zhao Tianlei took Xiang Qing to relax. Liu Yue went to the gallery and found that the chandelier at Ziyi Gallery was broken, so he hurried back to look at Xiang Qing.

In the evening, Xiang Qing was thinking about how to solve Mr. Lang’s issue. She took the initiative to admit her mistakes and confrontation, so she decided to remain silent. During the day, Xiang Qing went to the company with a hat and mask, and went out with a hat and mask after get off work. Liu Yue wanted to accompany Xiang Qing. Working overtime, Xiang Qing said that she didn’t work overtime today and left. In the villa, Li Na said that Xiang Qing was very strange these past two days. She thought she wanted to die with Lang Yuyang, and said that Xiang Qing wanted to commit suicide.

Li Suhang said that instead of guessing here, it is better to ask Xiang Qing directly. Li Na said no, and asked how she could say it. Zhao Tianlei said let Xiang Qing move to the villa, and Li Na said yes, yes, yes. So, a few people went to Xiang Qing’s house, pulled Xiang Qing down from the balcony, and said that he would take her to the villa. Li Suhang received an email at this time, saying that he should try to have close contact with the most feared girl. Li Suhang carried Xiang Qing and returned to the villa, Zhao Tianlei and the others packed her things. Li Na and the others also followed. Li Na said that she would also live in.

Li Suhang said that Xiang Qing’s attitude toward work has not been positive recently, and the reason for letting her in is to make her work better. In the evening, Li Na was eavesdropping on Li Suhang and the others. Xiang Qing said that although she was not happy about Lang Yuyang, she was able to survive. Li Na said that everyone’s purpose was to keep her in a good mood, and there were four beautiful men in this villa. These two are the heroines of Korean dramas, how romantic, and everyone cares about her, let her not let everyone down.

At the hospital, Lang Yuyang was about to leave the hospital. At this time, Mr. Zhou called and asked Lang Yuyang to take a good rest, saying that his body is not suitable for tiredness now, and the company’s senior executives have turned a blind eye to what he has done over the years. Eyes, but this time the incident has affected the company’s reputation, let him avoid the limelight. Lang Yuyang asked the staff to hire the navy to prevent Xiang Qing from living well. In Xiang Qing’s room, she calculated for herself and calculated a bad omen. Liu Yue came to ask her, but she did not go out. Liu Yue asked her if she wanted to eat, and she didn’t want to eat.

In the courtyard, Huang Zixuan invited her to eat snacks, and Xiang Qing said that he didn’t want to eat them, so he went back to the room. Li Na and others were sitting in the yard. Li Na said to take a look. I said she was weird lately. Huang Zixuan said that fortunately, we confiscated her mobile phone. Several people discussed about giving Xiang Qing a vacation recently and let her Li Suhang did not comment on the trip, but turned around and told Xiang Qing about the holiday.

Xiang Qing was unwilling to go, saying that since she could not go to the company, she had recently worked at home to make up for the loss to the company. In the office, everyone read Lang Yuyang’s news. Li Suhang said that he would now use his contacts to check Lang Yuyang’s company. In the past few days, Zhao Tianlei and several people were concerned about Xiang Qing in the villa. Several people agreed. In the villa, Liu Yue told Xiang Qing that I would stay with you no matter what happened.

In Xiang Qing’s bedroom, Xiang Qing asked Li Na to find a way to stay with her. If it was Liu Yue, it would be best, and Li Na agreed. So Li Na went to the company and said that she hoped that everyone could give Xiang Qing personal space and leave a person to accompany Xiang Qing. As a result, they chose Li Suhang when they selected people with the back of their hands.

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