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I Don’t Want To Run 花开有晴天 Episode 5 Recap

Liu Yue sent Li Ziyi home and was about to leave. Li Ziyi took his hand and said don’t leave me alone. Liu Yue said good, I’m here, and then went to pour water for Li Ziyi and watch her fall asleep. , Went out, and Li Ziyi got up as soon as he went out. The next day, Li Ziyi told the sisters about this. The sisters were surprised and said that Liu Yue had put her in bed, but nothing happened. It was also possible that Liu Yue did not like her. Li Ziyi said she was confident that she would definitely catch Liu Yue.

In the company, Xiang Qing asked Liu Yue to work overtime with her at night. Liu Yue agreed. At this time, Li Ziyi came and said that there was a client who wanted to introduce Liu Yue, and asked Liu Yue to talk with her. Liu Yue said he wanted Overtime, Li Ziyi said that you worked overtime to make the products sell better. Liu Yue agreed to go after thinking about it, and then told Xiang Qing that he would come back to accompany her early if it was over, and Xiang Qing agreed.

In the evening, Li Suhang ordered Xiang Qing for takeout. Xiang Qing thought that the food delivery staff had delivered it by mistake. The food delivery staff said no and left. At this time, Li Suhang came out and said to show your sincerity, I decided Parents and children came to listen to you to say thank you, Xiang Qing said that I did not order this meal, and then reacted, said thank you, Li Suhang listened and left.

On the way, Xiang Qing said that Li Suhang’s behavior was so strange. Li Na said that Li Suhang wanted to chase her. Now he is experimenting on Xiang Qing. Xiang Qing said that Nana is too narcissistic. Li Na said she was serious. , Xiang Qing said yes, he just wanted to chase you. At the company, Zhao Tianlei received a call and someone asked him at night, and Zhao Tianlei accepted.

At this time, Li Suhang came out and saw Xiang Qing sleeping on the table. She knocked on her desk and didn’t wake up, so he knocked Xiang Qing on the head with a stick. After Xiang Qing woke up, Li Suhang said that the office was not for you to sleep. Where to go to sleep, Xiang Qing said she knew. In the rest area, Xiang Qing said that Mr. Lang’s contract had finally been negotiated, and he said that we should go together with Mr. Lang.

Liu Yue said yes, and Zhao Tianlei said that I could not do it. I had an appointment at night, so he answered the phone and left. Liu Yue said that after signing the contract in the evening, I will accompany you to eat supper. Xiang Qing said okay, thank you senior. At this time, Ziyi called and told Liu Yue that his paintings had been sold, and the buyer wanted to see him, so Liu Yue left. Xiang Qing asked Zixuan to accompany her to see Mr. Lang. Zixuan said that he still had a job, and asked Xiang Qing to wait for him. Xiang Qing said that I would go by myself, and you should be busy.

Lang’s head office, Xiang Qing found out that the employees of Lang’s head office had already left work. Mr. Lang said that he had just finished a meeting and his mind was a little confused. Xiang Qing said, should you take a break first? Mr. Lang said yes, and went to pour Xiang Qing a drink. On the other side, Li Na stopped Li Suhang and asked Li Suhang to take care of Xiang Qing. She also told Li Suhang that Xiang Qing had gone to see the client so late. Li Suhang heard something wrong and called Zhao Tianlei, Huang Zixuan and Liu Yue.

They just received the call. Ready to rush over. In the head office of Lang, Mr. Lang brought juice to Xiang Qing. Xiang Qing was unwilling to drink, saying that he saw Mr. Lang put the medicine, and then the two quarreled. Xiang Qing accidentally overthrew Mr. Lang, Mr. Lang was injured, Xiang Qing She ran out and ran into Li Suhang four people downstairs. She ran away without speaking to them. Several people chased to Xiang Qing’s house, but Xiang Qing refused to come out, saying that she was fine and could go to work tomorrow.

In the morning, Li Suhang saw the news report that Xiang Qing was not hesitating to sell her hue in order to win the customer, and the customer was seriously injured. On the other hand, Li Na also saw the news and sent a message to Liu Yue, letting Liu Yue watch Xiang Qing closely. When Xiang Qing arrived at the company, she said she knew it. At this time, someone from the board of directors came and asked Xiang Qing to apologize to Mr. Lang. Li Suhang said that my employees did not need to apologize to anyone. On the other side, Zhao Tianlei and Huang Zixuan took away Mr. Lang who was in the hospital, threatened him to tell the truth, and accidentally fell Mr. Lang.

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