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I Don’t Want To Run 花开有晴天 Episode 4 Recap

Outside, Zhao Tianlei asked where Xiang Qing’s speaker came from. Xiang Qing said that he bought it from the old man at the door for three times the price. Zhao Tianlei said that he was very grateful to Xiang Qing. At this time, Li Suhang came over and let them eat more with the speaker. .

The company asked Huang Zixuan and Zhao Tianlei to help her when Xiang Qing made an appointment with Liu Yue, but both were bought by Liu Yue with things. At this time, Li Suhang called Xiang Qing into the office and said it was too late. Liu Yue still didn’t want to leave. His work would be very difficult. Li Suhang asked her to find a way. Xiang Qing agreed and went out. At night, Xiang Qing hadn’t left yet. Liu Yue was afraid that she would not be safe to go home alone, so she said Send her back.

At the villa, Liu Yue stopped Li Suhang and said that he wanted to talk to him, saying that Li Suhang should tell him this matter directly and should not lie to him. In the evening, Li Na was watching the handsome guys with a telescope, and she said that she would take Xiang Qing into the villa in an upright manner. Xiang Qing said that she could not play Liu Yue’s idea. Li Na asked her to look at her heart. No man would wait in place. You, Xiang Qing listened. During the day, Li Na came into the villa and talked to a few men. At this time, someone sent a love letter, which was a ticket to an art exhibition.

In the evening, Xiang Qing came back and said that her leg was about to break, but the client refused to see her. Li Na comforted her and asked Xiang Qing to take the initiative to Liu Yue, telling Xiang Qing that she helped her create opportunities. Xiang Qing was very happy to hear that. The next day she got dressed and went to the art exhibition. At the door of the art exhibition, she ran into Liu Yue and Miss Li. The three of them went to the gallery together. After seeing the painting, Li Ziyi took Liu Yue away.

When I met several painters, Xiang Qing didn’t follow. When she got home, Li Na asked her what was wrong. Xiang Qing said that the wattage of her electric light bulbs was all over China today. Li Na is over, and she must be stimulated today. I was about to follow up, thinking that Xiang Qing couldn’t think about it, but found that Xiang Qing was sitting on the ground eating bread, Li Na quickly went to comfort her, saying that she is a real person, a real woman is not perfect, and a perfect woman is not real. It is in line with the popular three words, grounded.

Let her not give up on her own, the most important thing to be herself, let Liu Yue not have the opportunity to contact that Bai Fumei, Xiang Qing said she would try. In the gallery, Li Ziyi asked Liu Yue to bring all his paintings and hang them in the gallery. Liu Yue was very happy to hear that, saying that when I saw her for the first time, she thought she was a delicate eldest lady, but she was still a strong woman.

At the company, Xiang Qing went to see Lang Yuyang again. Mr. Lang didn’t want to see him, but when he heard that she was from Li Suhang’s company, he asked someone to call her in and received her warmly. Mr. Lang said he was still working overtime during the weekend. It was really hard work. Xiang Qing gave his project book to Mr. Lang. When Xiang Qing returned to her company, she began to do documentation.

Zhao Tianlei said that as far as he knew, the plan was not detailed, and the willingness to cooperate with Mr. Lang was two different things. In the director’s office, Zhao Tianlei told Li Suhang that Mr. Lang was a bit nasty, and advised Li Suhang not to let Xiang Qing do this project. Li Suhang asked Xiang Qing to give this project to Zhao Tianlei. Xiang Qing disagreed and submitted the information he prepared. It was given to Li Suhang. After reading it, Li Suhang said that Xiang Qing’s plan was indeed doing very well.

Li Suhang said that since you strongly requested, let her continue to follow up the case, and Liu Yue said to accompany Xiang Qing to follow up the case. After get off work, Li Ziyi called Liu Yue, and Liu Yue left. Zhao Tianlei also took Huang Zixuan away. Before leaving, he told Xiang Qing that there might be a surprise tonight, so he left after speaking. After everyone was gone, Li Suhang made Xiang Qing three cups of coffee for her to drink. On the other side, Liu Yue followed Li Ziyi, who was drunk.

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