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I Don’t Want To Run 花开有晴天 Episode 3 Recap

In the company, Xiang Qing was called in by Li Suhang. After Xiang Qing went in, Li Suhang said that there was a problem with the project she was doing. It was all pictures of beautiful women taking a bath and drinking. He asked her to redo it. After Xiang Qing came out, he blamed Zhao Tianlei and said it was okay. Be tactful, or you will be fired. At this time, Li Suhang came out and wanted to drink coffee, but found that there were no coffee beans, so Xiang Qing went to help him get it.

On the other hand, Zhao Tianlei said that Li Suhang had female-phobia, and that the disease had been cured abroad before, and he came back and relapsed. Then several people decided to find a way to help him cure the disease. At noon, Xiang Qing was busy, and by the way received a cup of coffee for Li Suhang. In the evening, Liu Yue said that she had compiled a piece of information for Xiang Qing, which should be helpful to her project. Xiang Qing thanked him, Liu Yue said that he wanted to go home with Xiang Qing, and Xiang Qing agreed.

The next day, Xiang Qing gave Li Suhang a sales report. In the elevator, Liu Yue helped a beauty, got off the elevator, and joined Xiang Qing, and the two went to discuss cooperation. The other party was not very optimistic about their product, so Xiang Qing introduced him to the advantages of his product. When he returned to the company, Zhao Tianlei said that he had a brilliant idea that could kill two birds with one stone. He was about to elaborate that Liu Yue received a call and said that a customer would like to ask for our products, which would cost 7,000, but he needed to deliver it by himself.

After sending this order, Liu Yue took Xiang Qing to discuss business, and finally, Xiang Qing completed the sales target of 10,000 pieces. In the office, Zhao Tianlei bet everyone that Li Suhang would definitely be willing to hold a celebration banquet for Xiang Qing. In the director’s office, Li Suhang said that Xiang Qing was suitable for their project department and asked her to join their project department. Xiang Qing was very happy. At the restaurant, everyone held a celebration banquet for Xiang Qing.

At this time, Li Suhang’s father called and said that Li Suhang had a girl and asked him to meet. Li Suhang asked Liu Yue to meet him for him and said that it was a very important customer. , Let Liu Yue pay attention to it, Liu Yue agreed. After eating, everyone was ready to withdraw. Xiang Qing fell asleep, and the other three ran away. Li Suhang used a stick to wake Xiang Qing, and then let Xiang Qing take her stick and leave.

The next day, Liu Yue came to pick up Xiang Qing, and Xiang Qing gave Liu Yue an amulet, saying that he also had one. When he asked for two, Liu Yue accepted it. Liu Yue said that when it was over, Xiang Qing could go wherever she wanted. Xiang Qing said that she wanted to eat steak and watch a movie, and Liu Yue agreed. After a while, the two arrived at the destination. Xiang Qing said that the first time she came to this kind of place, she was still a little nervous. Liu Yue told her not to worry. They had amulets.

The two met the girl and found that the girl was the one in the elevator. Ms. Li was very happy to see Liu Yue and said that since this was the case, she would get to know each other. Ms. Li and Xiang Qing went to the bathroom separately. Ms. Li went to the bathroom to touch up her makeup. When she met Xiang Qing, she told the waiter to take Xiang Qing to visit the gallery, and Xiang Qing followed.

On the other side, Miss Li and Liu Yue also visited Van Gogh’s paintings. Xiang Qing looked at the painting and said that she didn’t understand, so she should go back. Here, Xiang Qing came back after reading the painting. Ms. Li told Liu Yue that Li Suhang hadn’t told him that he had come to replace him on the blind date. Xiang Qing and Liu Yue were surprised. Xiang Qing had a drink and said He had something to do, so he had to leave first, and Liu Yue followed suit.

At the company, Zhao Tianlei asked her if the negotiation had failed. Xiang Qing said that she could not go on a small run during working hours and was careful to be punished. Zhao Tianlei began to speak ill of Li Suhang. When Li Suhang heard him, he asked Zhao Tianlei to go out and sing to conquer. Then Li Suhang called Xiang Qing into the office, and Li Suhang asked the other person what his attitude towards Liu Yue was.

Xiang Qing probably told Li Suhang about the situation. Out of the office, Huang Zixuan asked Xiang Qing to play, and Xiang Qing also wanted to call Liu Yue. Liu Yue said that he had something to do and refused. So I went to the director’s office to find Li Suhang, and Li Suhang went to Zhao Tianlei when he saw it.

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