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I Don’t Want To Run 花开有晴天 Episode 2 Recap

Outside, Li Suhang asked Xiang Qing to be a training teacher, and left after speaking. After a few people changed their clothes, they were ready to start the training. Li Suhang told everyone that the next training would be given to everyone on the 7th. Xiang Qing went on stage to read the information for everyone. Zhao Tianlei said that she was not vivid enough, and Xiang Qing said Since she is a teacher today, she has the right to instruct the students to let Li Suhang dismantle the bathroom. Li Suhang dismantles her.

Then Xiang Qing asked Zhao Tianlei about the difference between the two aunts. Zhao Tianlei gave a random answer, and Xiang Qing gave it carefully. Let’s explain. At night, when Zhao Tianlei was taking a bath, there was a sudden power outage and water supply. Li Suhang said that the lights in the dormitory would be turned off at ten o’clock every night and asked them to observe the time.

The next day, Xiang Qing asked Liu Yue to sell her sanitary napkins. Xiang Qing was satisfied after hearing that, and asked Zhao Tianlei to come up to sell her, but was very dissatisfied, and asked Huang Zixuan to come up to sell her. Huang Zixuan followed Xiang Qing when he came up. Selling cute, Xiang Qing said that you have worked so hard. I bought it. Li Suhang said that both of them were unqualified, and they seduced customers with bad looks.

After class started again, Xiang Qing let everyone experience the experience of female dysmenorrhea. Liu Yue said that he came first and felt very painful after the experience. Zhao Tianlei said that his acting skills were too exaggerated, and Li Suhang asked Zhao Tianlei to try it, but Zhao Tianlei couldn’t stand it either. After Zhao Tianlei’s experience, Li Suhang caught Huang Zixuan who was about to escape, and let him experience it.

At the restaurant, Zhao Tianlei said that their escape plan must be carried out as soon as possible. At this time, Li Suhang said that they would have an assessment in the afternoon and they would be rewarded after the assessment. In the afternoon, when he entered the examination room, Li Suhang asked the bodyguard to search his body. Huang Zixuan put the cheat sheet in his mouth. After several people handed over the notes, they were put in to start the examination. After a while, everyone handed in their papers.

Li Suhang found Xiang Qing’s cheat sheet and fined everyone to write a review. Xiang Qing wanted to make up for everyone, so she went to buy things for them. When he entered the door, Li Suhang was caught by Li Suhang and the things were also seized. Down. In the restaurant, everyone was eating. Liu Yue asked Xiang Qing to eat more, which was very moved. In the evening, Xiang Qing went to Li Suhang’s room to steal the key, and was caught by Li Suhang. So she was asked to go frog jumping for a hundred laps. Outside, Xiang Qing was jumping frog jumping.

Zhao Tianlei and the others couldn’t stand it, so they said to jump with her. It started to rain on the last day, and Li Suhang also started jumping with everyone, saying that as a department leader, he set an example and jumped together. On the second day, Li Suhang said that today is the last day of the training. He said that he hoped that after this period of training, everyone can learn about women through the aunt’s towel. Then he said that everyone has worked hard these days. Xiang Qing said that the leader said it was great. .

Back home, Li Na was dressing up, saying that her tenant had sent her a message, and that her friend was coming, and she was going to impress them. Xiang Qing was also packing herself, saying that today was the first day of work, and Nana also lent her her car. In the villa, the three of Zhao Tianlei were resting by the pool. Zhao Tianlei said that they felt extremely comfortable after they came back. At this time, Luo Na came and greeted the three of them.

In the company, Xiang Qing went to the director’s office. Li Suhang said she was fired. Xiang Qing asked why. Li Suhang gave three reasons. Xiang Qing didn’t approve and talked to Li Suhang. Li Suhang said that she would let her sell 10,000 pieces this month. Stay and leave after speaking. In the evening, Li Na was watching the handsome guy. After reading it by herself, she took Xiang Qing to look at it together. When Xiang Qing realized that it was Li Suhang and the others, she hurriedly hid.

In the middle of the night, Li Suhang dreamed of a little girl when he was a child and was awakened. On the other hand, Zhao Tianlei discovered that Li Suhang had a woman-phobia, so he prepared to spoof him. At the company, Zhao Tianlei pulled Xiang Qing out and told her that she had the ability to be a prophet.

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