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I Don’t Want To Run 花开有晴天 Episode 1 Recap

In the fencing arena, the three men played Li Suhang together. Li Suhang beat them all to the ground with a few strokes. After the fight, he took off his headgear and let them go to the personnel report the next day, sell the aunt’s towel, and left after speaking. A man shouted, Li Suhang, our brothers for so many years, you are serious. Li Suhang drove the car on the road, and on the other side, a man was hooking up with a girl. On the side of the road, Xiang Qing fell to the ground, and the four men saw it. The first few ignored her. Only the last one stretched out his hand to her and left without responding.

She got up on her own, thinking of her fall, and felt that it would not affect her interview. After getting up, I went to the company for an interview, and hit Li Suhang at the elevator. Xiang Qing apologized to him and ran away, saying that he was in a hurry. After going upstairs, I went to the special affairs department. Her shirt was dirty. He also lent her a piece of clothing. On the other side, Li Suhang came up and looked very bad. A beautiful woman came in for an interview.

Before saying a few words, Li Suhang asked her to go back and wait for the notice. The beautiful woman went out, and Liu Yue called Xiang Qing to go in for the interview. , Xiang Qing found out that this person was her senior. When the two met, Xiang Qing remembered the days when she was in school with her senior, and was very happy. Xiang Qing followed Liu Yue in, and found that the interviewer had just got out of the elevator. When the two arrived, Liu Yue greeted them and said that this was his school girl, let them take care of them.

The other two men agreed, but Li Suhang turned around and recognized Xiang Qing and gave her. Said she could go out, Xiang Qing said that I didn’t say anything, why did you let me out, Liu Yue told Li Suhang that it was an interview after all, and the process still had to go, and then Xiang Qing began to introduce herself. After the introduction, Li Suhang said You can use anyone, but you can’t use her, so he left after speaking.

Liu Yue later said that his younger sister was very suitable for this position, and the three of them decided to resist Li Suhang. So one person went to hold the Personnel Wang Sister, and the other went to exchange information. On the other hand, Liu Yue told Xiang Qing that she had been accepted, and Xiang Qing was very happy. In the villa, Li Suhang was resting by the swimming pool. At this time, a beautiful woman came in and woke up Li Suhang. She said that she came to him to sign the contract, and then asked him if he needed to rent the villa. You can find her whenever you need it. , Li Suhang left without saying anything after signing the contract.

In the evening, Xiang Qing told Nana that she had succeeded in the interview and was very happy, and the two began to celebrate. The next day, Xiang Qing was still sleeping. Liu Yue called her and said that it was seven o’clock. Only when Xiang Qing remembered that she was going to work today, she quickly got up to pack up and prepared to go out after she changed her clothes. Nana grabbed her and gave it to her. Liu Yue was already waiting downstairs before letting her go out after putting up some makeup. He took her into the car and told her that Zhao Tianlei and Zixuan both welcomed her and asked her to cheer. Halfway, Liu Yue also picked up Zhao Tianlei and Zixuan.

When he arrived at his destination, Li Suhang was already waiting outside the door, but when he found that Xiang Qing was there, he knew it must be the ghost of his three brothers, so he let them all go in, and when they entered the villa, Zhao Tianlei wanted to run.

The bodyguard stopped them, and Li Suhang asked them to unify their clothes. Zhao Tianlei said he didn’t wear them, and Li Suhang was fined 100 if he didn’t wear them. Every time he made a mistake, he would be fined. Zhao Tianlei said that he should wear them and let Li Suhang wear them. Li Suhang said how do you know I didn’t wear it, and then unzipped my coat and found that he was wearing it. Zhao Tianlei laughed. Li Suhang asked them to change the clothes and let Xiang Qing stay.

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