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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 32 Recap

The teacher introduced by Aunt Qian said when he would ask the children of both sides to meet him. Li Haichao felt particularly embarrassed. The clerk came over and asked the clerk to play mahjong with them. Aunt Qian tells Hongying that Li Haichao is fine everywhere, but Hongying says it doesn’t matter that she can chase Li Haichao. After the mahjong game was over, everyone left Li Haichao and told Aunt Qian that he and Hongying were not suitable, and that it was good for him to fight with Ling and Heping.

Aunt Qian told Li Haichao that the blind date was Li Jianjian who found her and let Li Haichao introduce him, and when Li Jianjian heard that it was the teacher who offered to meet the two children, Li Jianjian was actually afraid that Li Haichao would be bored alone. Li Jianjian took the watermelon and went to Ling Xiao to watch a movie. Li Jianjian asked Ling Xiao about Ling Xiao in Singapore. Ling Xiao told her that when Chen Ting had just woke up, her legs had lost consciousness. The doctor didn’t know if she could still walk on the ground. Ling Xiao would give Chen Ting a rehabilitation massage every day.

Ling Xiao and Qin Meiyang smelled a bad smell when they were eating. It turned out to be Chen Ting’s incontinence. For a scrapped person, living without dignity is a kind of torture. Chen Ting cut her wrist in the toilet and was rescued. Chen Ting made a noise that she didn’t want to be locked up in the hospital Ling Xiao had to take her home, and Ling Xiao guarded her in the living room every night. The injury on Ling Xiao’s shoulder was also hot because of Chen Ting’s temper. Ling Xiao fell into Li Jianjian’s arms while talking. After hearing these things, Li Jianjian realized how difficult Ling Xiao was in Singapore.

Anna Mae took his son Dongdong and friends to eat at the restaurant. When the friend asked about Dongdong’s attending a special school, Anna Mae seemed very embarrassed. When Anna Mae went to get Dongdong to eat, Dongdong ran away secretly. When Anna Mae recovered and found it was missing, he was looking for Dongdong everywhere.

Finally, seeing Dongdong eating with candy, Jia Mei looked up and found that the staff member was He Ziqiu . He Ziqiu’s restaurant threw the trash after get off work and found a puppy who felt like he was no one wanted and took it home. When he returned home, Li Jianjian almost fell after He Ziqiu, and finally Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu bathed the dog together. Li Jianjian told He Ziqiu that he could only cherish each other and be a family regardless of blood relationship, and marriage and divorce would never be a family without cherishing. He Ziqiu and Li Jianjian had a conversation and started joking, and He Ziqiu was in a much better mood.

On the second day, Ling Xiao and Li Jianjian asked He Ziqiu to go back to the noodle shop to eat noodles. He Ziqiu gave Li Jianjian three chapters and can’t treat them differently. Li Jianjian wanted to help his brother and if Ling Xiao bullied Li Jianjian, he would clean up. Xiao. At this time, the noodle shop clerk told the three people that the teacher was pursuing Li Haichao, and Li Haichao and Hongying came back from outside.

The three of Li Jianjian hurriedly introduced themselves like Hongying. Hongying praised Li Jianjian for being beautiful and said that her children should also like him. Li Haichao asked Hongying to go to the kitchen to prepare the ingredients for the dishes and then chatted with Li Jianjian. The three ridiculed that Li Haichao went shopping together, but Li Haichao said that he had no choice.

In the end, Ling Xiao told Li Haichao that he was family-oriented and held Li Jianjian to show his identity. Li Haichao couldn’t accept it for a while, and when he finally got home, he dismissed Ling Xiao and then asked Li Jianjian separately. Jianjian said that he was young. Make your own decisions. Zhuangbei’s mother placed an order at Tang Can Taobao. Tang Can found Zhuangbei but Zhuangbei said that her mother liked Tang Can very much, and she told people that Tang Can was her girlfriend and asked Tang Can to help herself. Tang Can picked up Zhuangbei’s mobile phone and found that the screensaver was Qi Mingyue, and he was the one who was laid off and left angrily.

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