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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 31 Recap

Ling Xiao told Li Jianjian that she didn’t have so many friends like her. Li Jianjian could live very well by herself, but he couldn’t. Without Li Jianjian, he couldn’t live by herself. Li Jianjian asked Ling Xiao what to do besides taking care of Aunt Chen Ting and Qin Meiyang and studying in Singapore ? Ling Xiao said that he would still daydream and would like to go home early, imagine marrying Li Jianjian and having a child. Li Jianjian felt very sorry for Ling Xiao and then hugged Ling Xiao and asked him what’s wrong.

After returning home, Li Jianjian told Qi Mingyue that he thought Lingxiao had a problem, and then asked Qi Mingyue what Lingxiao did every day in Singapore? Qi Mingyue said that he was only reporting Li Jianjian’s situation to Ling Xiao, and Ling Xiao did not know what he did, and Qi Mingyue told Li Jianjian to ask Ling Xiao if he wanted to know.

Then Qi Mingyue said that she went to He Ziqiu’s shop today and the business was not so good, and that Li Jianjian did not choose him and he had no reaction. Qi Mingyue felt that He Ziqiu seemed to have a psychological problem. Li Jianjian waited until He Ziqiu came back to explain to him that He Ziqiu was full of alcohol and did not want to talk to Li Jianjian more.

Li Jianjian called Li Haichao for comfort, but he didn’t know how to tell Li Haichao these things. Li Haichao deliberately pretended to be the boss asking the gas station to send gas to Li Jianjian, making Li Jianjian amused. At the end of the call, Li Jianjian still said to Li Haichao that Dad I love you.

At noon the next day, Li Jianjian went to find Ling Xiao to eat with him, but Ling Xiao felt that Li Jianjian running so far was more than just having lunch with him, but Li Jianjian said that there was nothing to do when he had time to accompany him. Ling Xiao eats, and he will pick up Ling Xiao after get off work in the afternoon. Ling Xiao wondered why Li Jianjian suddenly became like this. Li Jianjian said that Ling Xiao said he didn’t pity him, so he pityed him every day, and pity him for the rest of his life.

In the end, Li Jianjian told Ling Xiao not to hold back anything alone, but to share it with everyone. Ling Xiao felt that Li Jianjian showed a smile on his face when he cared about him, and finally Li Jianjian took the initiative to kiss Ling Xiao, Ling Xiao Xiao told Li Jianjian not to come to pick him up at night, because he had to go to the doctor with Ling Heping. In fact, Ling Heping was not ill because he wanted Ling Xiao to go with him and then see Ling Xiao.

In the evening, Ling Xiao waited on the side of the road until Ling Heping drove to pick him up and went straight to the TCM doctor, who was Ling Heping’s friend. The Chinese medicine doctor first helped Ling Heping get the pulse and then gave Ling Xiao the pulse. After taking the pulse of Ling Xiao’s two hands, the Chinese medicine doctor looked at Ling Xiao’s tongue coating. Finally, he said that Ling Xiao was suffering from liver qi stagnation and was under great mental pressure. Then he asked Ling Xiao’s sleep status and said that he prescribed some treatments for Ling Xiao. Chinese medicine, but I still suggest Ling Heping take Ling Xiao to the psychiatric department for a look.

The doctor asked Ling Xiao to take medicine for Ling Heping and then talked to Ling Heping. The doctor told Ling Heping that Lingxiao was suffering from a heart disease. At this time their conversation was heard by Ling Xiao who was outside the door. In the end, Ling Heping drove Ling Xiao back. Ling Heping told Ling Xiao not to tell others about the matter because he was worried about the impact on Ling Xiao. On the other side, Li Jianjian heard the sound of He Ziqiu opening the door and hurried out, and then handed his card to He Ziqiu.

He Ziqiu was very angry and said that he did not need others to be pitiful. On the other hand, Aunt Qian and his blind date teacher were playing mahjong. Aunt Qian deliberately asked the clerk to go to the bathroom and let Li Haichao take over. Aunt Qian asked Li Haichao’s attitude towards Anna Mae. Li Haichao said that someone had remarried and had children. Hongying who heard this was very active towards Li Haichao.

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