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My strange friend season one (2020) 我的奇怪朋友第一季

My strange friend season one (2020)
Other Title:  我的奇怪朋友第一季

Genres: drama
Xing Xiao
 Liang Jiahao
Release Date: 
August 19, 2020
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  • Wang Yibo
  • Zhang Yijie
  • Wang Mengli
  • Zhang Nan
  • Xiao Xu
  • Wang Bowen

My strange friend’s first season plot introduction: The talented teenager Wei Yichen accidentally lost his superpowers, and the notebook that records the secrets of his abilities is also missing. In the process of exploring the truth behind him, he got to know a group of similarly empowered people. friend. Mind reading, predicting the future, high-energy electric shocks, mind-shifting, invisibility and other extraordinary powers are shown one by one. The extraordinary team has gained sincere friendship from the initial turmoil to the subsequent tacit cooperation …

Young Wei Yichen’s physical potential was stimulated by the alien meteorite, and he obtained an extraordinary talent. An unexpected change caused Wei Yichen’s extraordinary power to spread to six college students. Only Wei Yichen, who has the ability to touch her face and read the mind, went to Linzhou University in order to retrieve the superpowers that had been scattered by accident. In the process of his search for super powers, Jiang Doudou and other unscrupulous people also appeared to look at his super powers.

The play “My Strange Friend” tells a story between several boys and girls with superpowers. In the play, the female number one Nan Ruoyi, played by Wang Mengli, is a school student. Not only does she have a tangled emotional scene with the characters played by Wang Yibo and Zhang Yijie, she also accidentally inherited the superpowers of the male protagonist, and Wang Mengli Nan Ruoyi, who played the role, joined the boxing gym as a little girl fighter, so several fighting scenes and martial arts scenes abound.

When a group of hot-blooded teenagers suddenly possess superpowers, ordinary life becomes more interesting: the super cool guy Wei Yichen (played by Wang Yibo) can read mind, but only by touching his face can it work; the optimistic “personal network king” Duanmuhao (played by Zhang Yijie) ) Can predict the future, but the foreseeing picture is vague, making people half understand; the straightforward girl Nan Ruoyi (played by Wang Mengli) is full of electric shock skills, but because her body is charged, strangers should not enter… the cool girl Cong Lexi (Zhang) Played by Nan) has the super power to move instantaneously when emotional. Four people join hands to form an “extraordinary team” to start a teamwork mode! Ordinary life collides with marvelous abilities, look forward to the arrival of the extraordinary family to detonate this summer!

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