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My strange friend S1 我的奇怪朋友第一季 Episode 8 Recap

Asking Sanye for help failed. A researcher had no choice but to ask for help. A student was added to the school during the day, but the student rejected him. The attitude towards him during the day was just for learning English. After daybreak, Duan Muhao threw a stone at them, woke them up, laughed at them mercilessly, and then left. After they left, the supernatural researcher actually bit the net and one of them took it out. It turned out that it was Nan Ruoyi ‘s boxing registration form. Supernatural researchers speak their own slogans and want to prove the value of their research…

When Nan Ruo came back to find the coach and expressed her desire to participate in the competition, Taozi signed up for her when she refused to participate. When she came back, Taozi did not want to let her go, but Nan Ruoyi offered to let Taozi fight her. , Until Tao Zi was relieved… On the field, Nan Ruoyi successfully participated in the game, but it was originally scheduled to be Taozi.

For Nan Ruoyi’s appearance, the audience did not seem to know her, and only Duan Muhao and Wei Yi applauded. Chen cheered for her. What she didn’t expect was that when she was preparing, Taozi would tell her some skills, and Nan Ruo seemed a little strenuous when facing the former champion’s continuous offensive. When the game was halfway, she didn’t expect Ah Fu I came here, because there was no ticket and the police refused to let in. I guess I guessed how he would get in. Ah Fu, who was hovering at the door, was spotted by Duan Muhao. When he saw it, he used super powers to walk in.

After learning about it, Wei Yichen began to worry about the game, worrying that Nan Ruoyi’s super power would accidentally explode during the game. Duan Muhao and Wei Yichen wanted to suspend the game anxiously. They shouted to tell Nan Ruoyi not to fight, but they were dragged out by the police because they disturbed the order, so Duan Muhao made a plan and asked A Fuyin to stand up and stop the game. . Standing on the stage, Ah Fu sang the critical situation and told Ruoyi that his superpower had returned, and Duan Muhao and Wei Yichen were kicked out. As a result, Ah Fu was accidentally injured and shot out blood.

A Fu, Nan Ruoyi understood that his superpower was back, and was knocked to the ground by his opponent because of distraction. The boxing match is what Nan Ruoyi has always wanted to do. She stood up again and changed from dodge before to active attack. Miraculously, her superpowers were well controlled. The fighting spirit Nan Ruoyi incurs the enemy, and the opponent is unable to fight back. In the end, Nan Ruoyi defeated the former champion and won the game, and thanked Momoko. After that, he immediately went to Duanmuhao.

San Ye’s goal changed from Wei Yichen to three people, and Duan Muhao and Nan Ruoyi became his arrest targets. Unexpectedly, the supernatural researchers also came to the competition field. Fortunately, their instruments were snatched by Duan Muhao.

As a result, they were still caught by the supernatural researchers. Unexpectedly, this scene was seen by San Ye, and San Ye asked A Biao directly When the car hit them, at the very moment, Nan Ruo appeared and rescued Wei Yichen and Duan Muhao with super powers, forcing San Ye to retreat, and then knocked down the supernatural researcher because of excessive use of abilities. , His body became weak, and San Ye’s car stopped. Wei Yichen found that he walked over and told San Ye that his son was not the cause of his damage. Because the car broke down, San Ye had to get off and leave…

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