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My strange friend S1 我的奇怪朋友第一季 Episode 7 Recap

In the supernatural researcher’s car, two people were caught by them. According to the sampler, they concluded that this was Wei Yichen. In order to conduct better research, they did not tell San Ye about the capture of Wei Yichen. Wei Yichen’s body was full of various measuring instruments. He knew that they were sent by San Ye, told them that A Fu was just an ordinary person, and asked them to release A Fu. After coming out, Ah Fu met Nan Ruoyi and Duan Muhao . When they asked Wei Yichen, he stubbornly refused to say. Under Nan Ruoyi’s questioning, he took Wei Yichen’s arrest. The news told them…

Just when the supernatural researcher was about to use the instrument to absorb Wei Yichen’s energy, a person with a mask suddenly appeared, messing up and destroying the instrument in the laboratory, even wearing a mask, through his hair accessories and usual rune paper. It is concluded that he is a Taoist who competed with supernatural research before. Taking advantage of the chaos, Duanmuhao and Nan Ruoyi came to rescue Wei Yichen.

Wei Yichen took away the energy-absorbing instrument, and made some improvements himself, telling Duanmuhao and Nan Ruoyi, because before Afu After stepping on, the invisible ability disappeared, so Nan Ruoyi and Duan Muhao brought instruments to suck out the energy so that they could become ordinary people. Seeing the liquid that is suspected of being energy accumulates in the instrument, is this super power? Does their ability really disappear so simply? It’s really fast.

Because the superpower of Nan Ruoyi’s discharge was discovered by the researchers during the rescue of Wei Yichen, they believed that Nan Ruoyi’s research value was higher than that of Wei Yichen, so they began to follow Nan Ruoyi and planned to catch Nan Ruoyi for research. The witty Duan Muhao discovered that they were being followed. He called and told Wei Yichen of the incident. Wei Yichen asked them to be careful and came to them immediately. Soon after, the supernatural researcher couldn’t bear it, and pursued them, warning Nan Ruoyi and Duan Muhao with a horn. On the way to Wei Yichen, he met a girl on a motorcycle, who followed him and followed him. Wei Yichen drove faster than anyone else. Injured by a mistake, Wei Yichen just helped her up without saying too much.

The motorcycle girl lost her temper and threw away Wei Yichen’s cell phone, who was about to call, and also hid Wei Yichen’s car key to prevent her He goes. Wei Yichen had to tie up the locomotive girl and found the key through mind-reading Wei Yichen…Nan Ruoyi their car broke down and foreign researchers caught up with them, but they didn’t know that Nan Ruoyi used the instrument After sucking away the energy, she has no superpowers. After running for a while, Duanmuhao and Nan Ruoyi were trapped in the mountains, and the two had a fire.

Because of Duanmuhao’s heart-warming behavior, Nan Ruo kept saying that if Duanmuhao were not so glib, she would probably like him. As a result, Duan Muhao fell asleep, and Nan Ruo put a blanket on him. When they were resting, the supernatural researcher chased them and found them by the smell. Looking at the fire that they set, the supernatural researcher They did not rush forward, but even if they were cautious, they still stepped into their trap. The researchers could not escape, so they had to ask San Ye for help. San Ye was a result-oriented person and refused their request. .

When Ah Fu was bathing, he thought that his ability without superpowers appeared again. Does it mean that the instrument is useless? Nan Ruoyi and Duan Muhao’s abilities are also…

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