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My strange friend S1 我的奇怪朋友第一季 Episode 6 Recap

Nan Ruoyi invited Wei Yichen to watch a movie together. When she was struggling with which movie to choose, she wanted to choose a love movie. As a result, Wei Yichen chose a horror movie, and Nan Ruoyi was particularly scared, just when he planned to go. When the water was poured, the mysterious song sounded again, and the invisible man seemed to appear. Wei Yichen chased it out and threw the previously made powder on the invisible person. Following the footprints left by the powder, he searched for the invisible person all the way to the place where the invisible person lived. Nan Ruoyi’s photo is placed in a heart shape…

Duan Muhao , who was singing in the car , suddenly had the ability to foresee the future. He saw Wei Yichen taking Nan Ruoyi to the hotel to open a room, so he immediately ran to Nan Ruo’s family to look for Wei Yichen, and found that Wei Yichen was not there, so he was taken by Nan. If he rushed out, Duan Muhao called Wei Yichen to warn him that he was not allowed to touch Nan Ruo and take her to open the house, or they would ruin their hard-won friendship. The next day Wei Yichen seemed to understand something, and decisively pulled Nan Ruoyi to the predicted hotel to open the room. After the lights were turned off, the mysterious singing appeared again, and the invisible man came. Fortunately, Wei Yichen had prepared for him to catch the invisible man.

Wei Yichen began to ask about the whereabouts of the notebook. Through mind reading, he realized that the notebook was not taken by him, and he has been following Nan Ruoyi just to protect her… And Nan Ruoyi on the side, because Wei Yichen is a little strange It turned out that Wei Yichen was only trying to retrieve his superpowers, and didn’t treat them sincerely. The invisible man-named Ah Fu, who belongs to the same school as him. I feel low self-esteem and have no sunshine in life. Until I met Nan Ruoyi, I wanted to protect her. Wei Yichen asked him how he got the superpower.

According to the description, on the way back to his dormitory, he encountered a scumbag and forced him to sing. He discovered that when he sang, he didn’t have himself in the mirror, so he realized that he had the superpower. Wei Yichen told Ah Fu to keep him in touch with him at all times. He wanted to get back his superpowers. What’s interesting is that Ah Fu said that he didn’t steal it, so Wei Yichen learned to be a human first.

San Ye signed a cooperation agreement with supernatural researchers, showed them Wei Yichen’s photos, told them that this was the target person, and asked them to investigate. Supernatural researchers started their investigation with various instruments. In addition to monitoring Wei Yichen’s brain waves, they also detected another weak wave. While San Ye desperately wanted to catch Wei Yichen, the supernatural researchers insisted on observing more to help him catch people. Supernatural researchers came to their school and made enough preparations just to catch Wei Yichen.

The sad Nan Ruoyi had a high fever at home, and the caring Duan Muhao kept guarding her. When Nan Ruoyi woke up and found a cup of warm water next to him, Duan Muhao wrote three words, I was wrong. She came to the living room and left three words for Duanmuhao, it didn’t matter. I think Nan Ruoyi will definitely see Duanmuhao’s feelings for her through time. After the fever, Nan Ruoyi came to the boxing room and told the coach that she did not want to participate in the match. The coach persuaded Nan Ruoyi to make her think about it…Duan Muhao has been with Nan Ruo during her sad period.

One, and prepared her with insulating vest, insulating gloves, and insulating headwear, encouraging her to do what she wanted to do, but Nan Ruoyi told Duanmuhao that she gave up the competition. It’s okay for Duan Muhao to comfort her, but at this time Ah Fu followed Nan Ruoyi, and Duan Muhao drove him out. Ah Fu, who was running outside, just stepped on it. The equipment buried by the researcher was discovered by Wei Yichen. The researcher also saw him…

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