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My strange friend S1 我的奇怪朋友第一季 Episode 4 Recap

The mysterious man stole the notebook Nan Ruoyi showed his super power

Linzhou Japanese Food Shop, because he wanted to get his notebook back, Wei Yichen followed Jiang Doudou’s prompts and came to the place he designated. The painting on the door had the words “Invincible”. It reflected Jiang Doudou’s determination to win and expressed Comedy of this character. Jiang Doudou praised Wei Yichen for coming alone, his courage, while talking about today’s cooperation, but rudely doing Japanese food, because it was too rude, accidentally cut his fingers, Jiang Doudou was bandaging the wound, Putting forward the idea of ​​cooperating with Wei Yichen, Wei Yichen refused to cooperate, and planned to run after grabbing the laptop. However outnumbered, Jiang Doudou’s people notified Nan Ruoyi to exchange Wei Yichen with a secret.

Duanmu Hao Dezhi Nan Ruoyi wanted to save Wei Yichen. Because he was worried about Nan Ruoyi’s safety, he tricked her into the studio and locked her inside. Duanmuhao said that Wei Yichen’s affairs had nothing to do with him, but his heart Very worried, Duan Muhao called his brother to save Wei Yichen. In the evening, Duanmuhao’s friends came, and the 100 people came. When we thought these were to help Duanmuhao, these people became Jiang Doudou’s people, and in turn chased Duanmuhao.

Jiang Doudou tore off a page of his notebook in front of Wei Yichen, intending to burn one in ten seconds to stimulate Wei Yichen. Of course, Jiang Doudou loves money so much, he must not burn a real notebook. Nan Ruoyi who ran out just ran into Jiang Doudou and followed Jiang Doudou to the place where Wei Yichen was kidnapped.

When Jiang Doudou was walking outside, the mysterious singing sounded again and the box behind it flew up. Jiang Doudou ran to the office, planning Running with the information, he was knocked out by a mysterious figure with an ashtray. I think singing should have a lot to do with this mysterious figure.

As soon as Nan Ruo and Duanmuhao arrived at Wei Yichen, when the three of them came to Jiang Doudou’s office, they saw Jiang Doudou lying on the ground and found that the notebook had been taken away by others. At this time, Jiang Doudou’s men also came. It was a severe beating on the three of them. As soon as Nan Ruoyi looked at the injured friend in front of her, she felt sad. Between the electric light and flint, her eyes glowed blue, and everyone in the room was burned by the electric. I think Nan Ruoyi is probably also a superpower owner. But what is her current ability? Not yet known.

In the hospital, Wei Yichen went to Jiang Doudou’s ward after waking up and found that Jiang Doudou had fallen into a coma. Jiang Doudou’s father didn’t seem to believe what his subordinates said. He was skeptical about Wei Yichen’s superpowers, and ordered his subordinates to look for the three of Wei Yichen in the courtyard.

Wei Yichen called in advance to inform the two of them. Three of them changed into nurse uniforms. Wei Yichen left alone, and Duanmuhao and Nan Ruoyi were together. When they were besieged by everyone, Duanmuhao showed bravery. , Has been protecting Nan Ruoyi, looking at Duanmuhao like this, Nan Ruoyi seems to have a little more good feelings, Nan Ruoyi’s superpowers once again appeared, the bad guy in front of him fainted to the ground…

Wei Yichen came again Jiang Doudou’s office investigated the surveillance and looked for the person who took the notebook. Half of the time he saw it, Jiang Doudou’s father came back. Through surveillance, San Ye found that Jiang Doudou was on his way back to the office, followed by a floating box. I suspect that Wei Yichen are not ordinary people…

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