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My strange friend S1 我的奇怪朋友第一季 Episode 3 Recap

Dawei and Xiaojun upstairs in the classroom are monitoring the three of them, and they dare not act rashly for the time being. As soon as Duan Muhao launched a love offensive against Nan Ruo , just when Nan Ruoyi almost fell, Duan Muhao held Nan Ruoyi in time. Duan Muhao’s super power was shown again. Duan Muhao saw it. Soon after, Nan Ruo had a moment. Scream. So he decided to protect Nan Ruoyi and followed Nan Ruoyi.

Wei Yichen was also secretly following Duan Muhao and accidentally hid in the women’s locker room. Duan Muhao worried that Nan Ruoyi would also sneak in, and Dawei followed Xiaojun also sneaked in. It is comedic that the four people happened to meet together, and then the four started fighting. As soon as Nan Ruo heard the sound came out, opened the locker, and saw Duan Muhao and Wei Yichen in his cabinet behave intimately, Nan Ruo screamed, this scene is the scene Duan Muhao saw before…

Nan Ruo asked Wei Yichen why did she follow her? Wei Yichen said that he was with Duan Muhao, because Duan Muhao took his things and Nan Ruo walked away angrily. Jiang Doudou showed his friend the gold mine map, and his friend told him that it seemed to be related to meteorites…

What a strange misunderstanding! Seeing Ruoyi who was troubled, Little Speaker walked over and told her how to make Wei Yichen fall in love with Tai. Through mind-reading, Wei Yichen learned that the notebook is a notebook, not a computer. It turns out that his notebook is in the hands of the blind Jiang Doudou. , Jiang Doudou, who is greedy for money, will definitely grasp the clues inside and will not miss the opportunity to make a fortune.

Naturally, the notebook is not easy to find. Wei Yichen came to Jiang Doudou’s office and searched for the notebook. He didn’t get any results. Although the notebook was not found, he learned that he, Duanmuhao, and Nan Ruoyi had already been targeted by Jiang Doudou. Wei Yichen told Duanmu Hao, he is in danger, it is not safe to be alone. But Duanmuhao mistakenly thought that Wei Yichen was always trying to snatch Nan Ruoyi from him. He didn’t believe Wei Yichen, and Duanmuhao beat Wei Yichen. Wei Yichen told Duanmuhao about his childhood. Duan Muhao, he will have super powers and the importance of his notebook to him. Wanting to retrieve his super powers, Duan Muhao refused Wei Yichen’s request…

In the painting room, the teacher asked three models to show their understanding of the word fate, and the names of the three of them were obviously overwhelmed by the name list. The little speaker excitedly started the live broadcast below, and actively asked to help the three of them correct their postures. Everything was for the hot spot.

Aiming at the gossip of the three of them not to relax, creating all opportunities is a hot spot for walking, digging into the pain point to show the hot spot. Is it like some media now? Not only did they make them act like a love triangle, but they also laughed at Duanmuhao for being Duanmu Green. Duanmuhao couldn’t stand the mobile phone that ran off the stage and threw away the small speaker. At this time, all three of them received a message. The content of the message was Jiang Doudou’s. Taking a selfie, holding the notebook Wei Yichen wants…

Jiang Doudou discussed with Dawei and Xiaojun how to obtain alien technology from Wei Yichen, Duanmuhao and Nan Ruo. The result of the discussion was that they planned to invite the three of them to a Hongmen feast. Jiang Doudou borrowed someone from his uncle, intending to deal with the three of them… Can Jiang Doudou get the wealth he wants, and can Wei Yichen get back his own notebook?

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