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My strange friend S1 我的奇怪朋友第一季 Episode 2 Recap

In addition to Wei Yichen , there are also a group of people who have been following Ruoyi. Wei Yichen accidentally injured Ruoyi. When he woke up, he was already at Ruoyi’s house and if Ruoyi bandaged his wound, Wei Yichen said Following Ruoyi, just wanting to ask her about her study problems, came to Ruoyi’s home, Wei Yichen wanted to secretly search Ruoyi’s room, looked for his computer and Ruoyi, as if he was interested in Wei Yichen to clean up. Take a look at the room and dress up. Wei Yichen came to Ruoyi’s bedroom.

When he was found, his hand was accidentally scalded by a curling iron. Wei Yichen, who wanted to use mind reading again, found that he could not read his mind through the gauze. Ruoyi felt a heartbeat because of Wei Yichen’s special behavior. When Wei Yichen was watching Ruoyi, she found a monitor installed in her home and told Ruoyi that she was being monitored, and a man behind the monitor was on the blackboard. It was written that the names of Ruoyi, Wei Yichen, and Duanmuhao were analyzed and the relationship between them was analyzed and Ruoyi was the core of the two of them, so he sent two of his hands to tie Nan Ruoyi …

Then the stupid thief came outside the wall of Nan Ruo’s family. Wei Yichen suspected that besides her, someone else was investigating superpowers, so he came to Nan Ruo’s family and just saw someone trying to sneak into Nan Ruoyi’s home. Wei Yichen sang, and the singing seemed to be super The ability to move things in space, the stool upstairs, and the trash can downstairs scared the two thieves away. At school the next day, Wei Yichen told Nan Ruoyi that there was a thief last night.

The two gangsters told their eldest brother that they had encountered a ghost. The eldest brother took out a gold mine map and planned to catch all three of them for his Jiang family business. They gave Duanmuhao and Nan Ruoyi respectively. The little note took them to the rooftop and asked them out. Duanmuhao was knocked out to the ground.

In order to protect Duanmu Haonan, if he did not dare to act rashly, the elder brother told the story he had learned. He suspected Wei Yichen knew Jin The mine also told Nan Ruoyi and Duanmuhao about the matter. So I asked Nan Ruoyi where the treasure was? Just when Dawei was picking up Nan Ruoyi’s clothes, Wei Yichen appeared to rescue Nan Ruoyi, but Wei Yichen was pushed to the ground. At this time, the eldest brother who wanted to attack Wei Yichen had suffered from facial blindness, wrong. The teammate assumed Wei Yichen and stunned them to the ground.

The school cafeteria, because of the last broadcast incident, Duanmuhao was rejected by everyone. Duan Muhao found the coach and asked if the coach knew Taozi? Said to avenge Nan Ruoyi, the coach not only did not say that Taozi is his girlfriend, but also asked Duan Muhao to find Taozi for revenge. Unfortunately, he was defeated by Taozi and ended up eating bananas with the coach… To thank, Wei Yichen saved So Ruoyi made a meal for Wei Yichen, but Wei Yichen said that he wanted to touch Nan Ruoyi’s face and asked Ruoyi if he had superpowers? This scene happened to be seen by Duanmuhao. The jealous Duanmuhao’s brain was in chaos.

In the chaos, he saw that his face was covered with blood. If Yi said that he had a problem with his head, Duanmuhao who woke up did not see Weiyi. In the morning, I took a bit of food on the table and planned to leave. I accidentally fell to the ground. I saw my bloody face in the mirror, which just confirmed that the image that Duan Muhao saw when his brain was chaotic just now was probably a superpower. The owner can foresee the future and he doesn’t know yet…

If the person in the painting room is absent-minded and full of mind is Wei Yichen, it seems that she is in love with Wei Yichen…

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