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My strange friend S1 我的奇怪朋友第一季 Episode 1 Recap

In a daze, the boy opened his eyes and saw a group of men in suits standing around him. After he woke up, he dragged her to a man. The man planned to tear down the warehouse and threw the agreement to him. He took the money and left, isn’t it just a broken warehouse, why is Wei Yichen willing to stay in it all the time, what secret does he want to keep?

When he was eight years old, a meteorite fell from the sky and fell into the forest. Wei Yichen walked over and touched the meteorite. He passed out and woke up with super powers. The teacher was accidentally injured. He also ran away, so the professor took him out of the orphanage and started a new life. The professor specializes in genetic research and teaches him to control his superpowers. He traveled all over the country to find a stable magnetic field. new life.

This is the secret that Wei Yichen wants to keep. Facing the warehouse being demolished, Wei Yichen wants to use super powers to defend the warehouse. As a result, the super powers are not used, only mind reading can be used. At this time, the network king, Duan Muhao, appeared and drove away Wei Yichen. Through memory reading, it turned out that the warehouse was demolished and Duanmuhao couldn’t get rid of the relationship. Facing the disappearance of super powers, Wei Yichen suspected that he would follow Yichen. Brain-related, he planned to retrieve the computer, but found that the computer was missing, leaving only some clues…

Mind reading can only be done by touching other people’s faces. Wei Yichen took the piece of paper and touched people’s faces everywhere to find the whereabouts of the notebook. At night, when Duanmuhao and Ruoyi were about to leave the classroom, they heard singing not far away. While looking for it, the iron stool suddenly fell off. Wei Yichen appeared to rescue Ruoyi. Wei Yichen found that Duanmuhao seemed to have it too. Super power, his computer seems to be taken away by Duanmu Hao. Wei Yichen chased Duanmuhao and argued in the toilet. He didn’t believe it was heard by a girl and mistakenly thought that the two of them were in love.

As a result, the rumors spread. The more powerful. Duan Muhao went to the broadcasting station to find a small speaker to tell her not to spread rumors, but the small speaker did not turn off the broadcast. Duan Muhao didn’t know that under the stimulation of the small speaker, Duan Muhao was angry that he and Wei Yichen were together. , As a result, I couldn’t clear it by jumping into the Yellow River, because everyone knew about it through the broadcast, and it was what he said. Even if it is a misunderstanding, it is difficult to solve it. Sure enough, because of this incident, I met Brother Jun in the toilet. Brother Jun began to brag and tell him how good he was before.

As a result, his head accidentally got stuck in Carmen, and Duan Muhao was blocked in the toilet. What did this seem to be to find out? On the other side, Wei Yichen began to suspect that the notebook was taken away by Nuoyi. In the gym, if the coach teased by his girlfriend, Taozi challenged Ruoyi and promised that if he had beaten him, he would give him a place in the game. Ruo Yi, Tao Zi does not play cards according to the routine, and keeps targeting Ruo Yi for the purpose of teaching, because Ruo Yi seduce her boyfriend, Ruo Yi struggles to defeat Peaches, the coach only dared to sit aside and eat the basket of bananas that Peaches bought him.

Don’t dare to speak up, if you tell Taozi after defeating Taozi that she is not interested in the coach, and don’t forget the promise she just promised to play, Taozi is willing to gamble and lose, secretly angry, watching Ruoyi leave the gym…

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